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The Perks Of Studying In Rotterdam


Everyone can ascertain to the fact that the benefits of studying in a conducive and favourable environment cannot be overemphasized. It makes learning and skill acquisition effortless and worthwhile. Why don’t you study in Rotterdam: “the Gateway to the world”.

Rotterdam, the second largest city of the Netherlands houses Europe’s largest city port and ranks tenth in the world as a prominent center of economics situated in the province of South Hollands. Rotterdam is at close proximity with the Nieuwe-Maas channel which leads to the North Sea.

The ancient city of Rotterdam could be historically traced back to 1270 with the construction of a dam in Rotte which had people settling around it because of safety. Rotterdam was given the city right grant by the court of Hollands in 1340.

Rotterdam has a frame-mind of openness towards the rest of the world, offering global services hereby making it’s environment safe and ideally suitable for international students;a reason why Rotterdam is an option for a good place of study.

Why Study in Rotterdam?

The city of Rotterdam is home to great academic higher institutions (like the Erasmus University in Rotterdam)which offers quality education, top-notch training, researches and a great student experience you can always bank on.

Universities at Rotterdam give quality education for a fairly good price and also offer personal attention and learning support. Higher institutions of learning in Rotterdam offers a range of degrees programmes;Bachelors, Masters or PhD in Health Sciences, Business Administration, Philosophy, Law, Economics, Social Sciences, and Cultural Studies. They are particularly known for their expertise in Engineering and Architecture. They also have state of the art modern facilities and great resource persons. There are very good and comfortable accommodations available in the city. You can easily rent a room in Rotterdam at affordable prices.

Universities in Rotterdam accelerate contact between student prodigy and prospective employers through profitable approaches like internship programs. Therefore, you can also consider residing in Rotterdam and enjoy the mind-blowing housing the city has got to offer at good prices.

Rotterdam is a place to be for lovers of amazing architectural designs with high rising building and great engineering. The 802-meters Erasmus Bridge and the ever-active port of Rotterdam are great sites to behold for a tourism loving scholar or explorer. Rotterdam also has an amazing cultural heritage. The museums (like Kunsthal museum and the Henk Chabot museum)are homes of beauty and all manner of pleasantness.

Rotterdam is also multi-ethnical, home to people from different parts of the world. Therefore, international students can be assured of experiencing the beauty of networking and establishing relationships with people from different race and culture. The English language is mostly spoken in Rotterdam so social integration is no problem. Rotterdam enjoys a serene and mild weather;beautiful and calm wind from the sea.

Rotterdam is also home to many multinationals like Unilever, Shell Downstream, Pfizer, Eneco, and more. Industrial bases include;manufacturing, logistics, tourism, commerce, and chemical industries. After studying in Rotterdam, starting up a career in the city is not much of an issue. There are several opportunities in this great city. Welcome to Rotterdam.


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