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How To Start Your Own DWI Lawyers Utica NY Firm


You have finally finished your studies at law school and successfully passed the bar exam. What comes next? It’s time for you to open your own firm in Utica, New York.

When you start your firm, you can either go for one that handles different kinds of cases or you can also go for a specialized field – one of which is in Driving With Influence (DWI) cases. How do you start one? This article will help you with the process.

1. Create your firm’s website.

Most law firms nowadays have gone tech-savvy, for you to be able to compete, then you must do the same as well. As a new lawyer who is jumping right into starting your firm, you are courageous. Keep in mind that the risks are high, for the very reason that you haven’t establish your name in the industry, yet. You are going to be competing against all the other well-established names in the industry.

One of the ways for you to stay competitive and making yourself known that you offer DWI legal services, you need to market yourself effectively. How? You can take advantage of digital marketing, by starting your own website. When you do so, you have a more significant market at your reach. On the upside, too, you are giving yourself a more professional outlook by creating this professional image through your website.

How do you go about with the particulars of a DWI lawyer’s website? Visit https://www.dwiguy.com/utica-dwi-lawyer/ to learn more.

2. Stay positive and keep pushing forward.

Starting your own firm is no easy feat. If you are planning to open up your private firm straight out of passing the bar exam, there are going to be numerous naysayers who will try to convince you otherwise. Many might tell you to just work for an established firm first, and wait it out. However, if you’re really certain about starting your own DWI firm now, then go ahead and keep pushing yourself forward. As difficult as it may be, it is doable.

To stay motivated, and to keep your preparation process smooth, ignore those who tell you otherwise by surrounding yourself with positive and ambitious individuals. Seek the advice of lawyers who also went straight ahead with opening their own firm.

3. Choosing the right name for your firm.

Opening up your own form is also starting your own business. As the lawyer, you own the firm, and all of the legal services offered. Doing so is no different from starting your own business, wherein you will have to think of a business name and register the same with the proper entities.

Having a well-made name for your law firm is the stepping stone for your firm’s branding as well. In addition to having a well-made name for your firm, you also need a logo, your business cards, and all other professional and legal transactions. Never try to go ahead and start your firm without first complying with all the legal documents. You are a lawyer, and you have a higher duty to uphold the legality of the law.

4. Have a well-defined plan.

For entrepreneurs who start their own business, they create a business plan. As a lawyer who is going to open up his own firm, your case is no different. In order for your DWI firm to be successful, you need to have a clear plan. This plan can help you stay organized and help make the process of opening a firm even smoother.

By having a well-defined plan, you will be able to identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in the legal profession. Although you are practicing a profession, you’re going to have bills to pay too. Hence, you also need to have a financial forecast to determine as to whether or not you can really thrive in the high competition surrounding Utica, New York. 

5. Build a network of clients and referrals.

Invite other lawyers in your area during the opening of your DWI firm. Have a little lunch, or cocktails, and small-talks to your opening celebration. When you do this, you are also introducing yourself to all the other lawyers in Utica. Although some of these lawyers are your competition, do keep in mind that above all else, they are your comrades in the legal profession. You are colleagues, and you should be friends outside of the courtroom.

When you can successfully build a network with all these other lawyers, you are also increasing the chances of having more clients. How? If a client walks in their office and asks for help with DWI charges, yet this is not their line of work, then they can refer their clients to you. Or, if they are set to go out for a holiday, even the lawyers offering DWI legal services as well can also hand their case out to you. Whatever your profession, it is essential to maintain close professional friendships.


When you open up your own firm, you have the choice of either going for a specialized field or being a general lawyer. Of the many specializations for you to choose from, Driving With Influence is an attractive option. There are numerous DWI cases every day in New York, and if this field interests you, then it might be the perfect choice for you.


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