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7 Ways To Get Clients When Starting Your Wedding Business


Your start-up wedding business needs to draw in customers to ensure success. It can be a challenge to attract customers when you’re just trying to get established.

Check out these 7 ways to get clients when starting your wedding business to begin growing your business.

Create a Wedding Blog.

Blogs are a great way to direct organic traffic to your new business. For best results you should:

  • Post at Least Once a Week
  • Write Posts Dealing with Wedding Topics
  • Include Local Names and Terms in Your Posts

Demonstrating your knowledge of the wedding business can help get clients interested in your services. You might go over local wedding venues, options for buying diamonds online, or the best options for wedding cakes, such as working with this customised cake Singapore shop.

Build Your Portfolio with Discounts.

Couples often ask how much experience you have in the wedding business. You should always tell the truth, even if you have yet to get your first wedding under your belt. However, you don’t have to treat inexperience as a drawback. You might want to offer discounts to clients that help you build your portfolio.

Visit Bridal Shows.

Bridal shows gather many local couples together in one place. Get ready to network with wedding vendors and potential clients. Make sure that you:

  • Arrive Early
  • Bring Cards for Your Business
  • Have a Clear Idea About What You Plan to Offer

You may be able to get attention for your business, especially if many of the other wedding businesses in your area are already booked up for prime wedding dates.

Consider Online Advertising.

Many of your clients may find you online, especially as your wedding business is getting started. You can direct clients your way by taking advantage of online advertising. Sites like Facebook allow you to target ads based on:

  • Client Location
  • Client Relationship Status
  • Client Preferences

Many online ads also don’t cost you money unless someone clicks on them, which can make advertising cost-effective as you begin your wedding business.

Focus on Reaching Specific Clients.

It’s tempting to cast a wide net when you’re trying to get clients for your new business. However, you will generally have better luck if you work on appealing to a niche market. You might consider focusing on clients who want:

Targeting specific customers can help you quickly build a reputation as a new wedding business. Word of mouth can spread fast in niche markets, directing new customers your way.

Get to Know Local Wedding Vendors.

You need to build strong relationships with potential clients and with wedding vendors to grow your new business. Get to know other wedding professionals, like:

  • Photographers
  • DJs
  • Caterers

Be friendly and clear about what your business does. Leave your card with everyone. If you make a good impression, vendors are more likely to recommend you to their clients who are looking for the service you provide.

Always Follow Up.

Following up with potential clients – and with other wedding professionals – is a big part of getting new clients as you’re starting out. Call potential clients back if they express an interest in your services and stay friendly with other industry professionals. Keep your company in the forefront of their minds to draw in new clients.

Find Clients for Your New Wedding Business.

Starting a new business is an exciting moment in your life. Give your business the boost it needs to start bringing in new customers by:

  • Setting Up a Wedding Blog
  • Offering Discounts to Start Your Portfolio
  • Checking Out Local Bridal Shows
  • Advertising Online
  • Hitting a Niche Market
  • Getting Friendly with Wedding Vendors
  • Following Up with Clients and Other Vendors

These steps can help you build a strong client base for your new wedding business.