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How Female Entrepreneurs Can Create Stable Businesses


In the world of capitalism success, the potential of female entrepreneurs unveils as exceeding rates of women entering the fields of businesses, whether on a small scale such as spas to retail outlets, can be prominently observed. SCORE analyses this as 28 percent of the businesses in United States are owned by women as well as the 55 percent of start ups annually.

It is recommended for you to keep the following factors in mind, whether if you are dealing with a home-based business or launching a firm in a commercial office.

Drafting a plan.

A formal business plan must be drafted before major decisions of finance, promotions and methods of documentation are made. One must make sure that the idea on which one plans to do business is compatible with the available resources and the whole idea is rational or not. Forethought lets you map out significant details which helps you interpret the need and demand that would control your supply, potential market competitors, the good factors that you need to achieve and set goals for and finally the interests of individuals in your area.

For example setting up a fish market in a small town near the coastline with limited individuals will not flourish as compared to a fish market further inland with greater number of population in that area. Henceforth your business will be successful.

Permits and licenses.

Licenses and permits are necessary for business. In fact some types of businesses require a proper professional license such as hair saloon, nail saloon, medical practises or even interior designing, which proves you are capable of the profession you are pursuing. A fictitious name certificate also called DBA and an employer identification number called an EIN are standard permits that every woman businesswoman must have especially if the business name that is in use by you is not officially your legal name. This can be received at national level.

EINS are significant in terms of creating associations with any other corporation or hiring employees, and is most definitely free of IRS. Your local business development centres can better guide you in this.


Many programs are setup to provide suitable financial support to business whether they are product based or service based. The amount of financial support you require is dependent upon the nature and type of your business. Most women take loans from banks, borrow money from acquaintances or even utilize their credit cards and savings for the simple purpose of gaining financial support for their business.

The Small Business Administration (SPA) is a program that connects you with local corporations which are readily willing to grant endowments. One of these is lending club Myinstantoffer.com which provides best monthly rates. It a is reputable online market place which provides access to low cost loans with low interest rates for borrowers with good credit history. It partners with the U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce (USWCC) to help support female entrepreneurs. It also comes with the benefit of no apparent collateral requirements.

Definite rules and regulations.

Rules and regulations form the structure of any company. You need to set standard rules and regulations that will not only be followed by you but your employees will also comply. This helps the company function efficiently. The terms and conditions must be definite. For example for the good experience of your customers and for the best interest of your own business. It is imperative that your Laundromat sets out rules for costumers, benefiting from the services, to properly use the machinery and not to leave any belongings in the dryer.


Marketing, advertisement and promoting the idea of one’s business are key elements in gathering clients for the success of the business. The best methods in contemporary times is through the use of social media and public and community relations, which is prominently being used by women who are initiating their business ideas. This provides a platform for business women to interact, create references, access customers and suppliers and settle in within a system of business association.

Interestingly companies such as National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) set up educational conferences and seminars which can enlighten you in terms of doing business.