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Simple Ways To Boost Social Media Engagement


Statistics show that there are over 2 billion users of social networks all around the world. This is why it is really important for every single business to be present on social media. However, just having a page does not mean benefits will appear. Social media is all about engagement. You want to have posts that people talk about, share and like. It does not matter if the social media profile is for an Illinois nursing home abuse attorney or a large corporation.

Many things can be said about how to boost social media engagement. Books can be written about the topic. However, some tips are much simpler to use and apply than others. This is what we will focus on below.

Use Social Media Monitoring/Listening Tools.

Online reputation can so easily make or break brands. This is why you always need to know what people say about the brands you try to promote. Use tools that listen to social media activity and monitor brand mentions.  Many companies do not actually use such tools as they think they are really expensive. In reality, numerous tools are completely free. You can simply use services like Google Alerts or Hootsuite to monitor branding on social media.

Stay Visual.

When you use social media, it is really important that you use graphics, images and videos. According to official research conducted by numerous industry professionals, images have a higher Facebook interaction rate than text posts, by around 85%. This is so much more than what many imagine.

It is true that creating infographics or really good graphics is expensive. However, you can always share what others did when you do not have money. Try to find ways in which you can add images to your social media profiles and you will see increased engagement.

The other important thing is to publish amazing content and let the world know about it through the tools of social media. Here the main point lies in the creation of content that attracts attention and brings audience engagement. You need to keep publishing high-quality content as consistently and frequently as possible to achieve brand awareness. At this point, the effective social content marketing team from PromoRepublic https://promorepublic.com/en/social-media-content-creation-services.php can simplify your work through the preparation of 20 customized and ready-to-use visuals that speak your brand voice. In such a way content creation and promotion will be done easily and efficiently.

Giveaways, Contests And Games.

People use social media in order to relax. They also really love to get things for free or discounts for products they appreciated. Social media is a great way to both engage with the current and potential customers and to help them have some fun.

Think about contests that would keep people engaged and try to play games once in a while. People want to see brands that are fun and that interact with the audience, not corporate entities that are cold and do not care about anyone. Giveaways are self-explanatory.

Engage In Conversations With Your Audience.

Asking questions is another great way to stay active when using social media. For instance, you can ask for content ideas or advice. This gets people involved and they end up feeling as if they are part of the brand. You will often see the big brands having Q&As on Twitter or Google Hangouts. This is why they do it. Such an approach will instantly increase social media engagement, which is exactly what you want. The only situation in which you should not hold a Q&A is when the brand is controversial and it is possible that problems would appear during conversations