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Learn Mandarin In Singapore: Why It’s So Beneficial When Starting Up An International Business


Mandarin is the most widely spoken first language of the world. Many countries, among them Singapore, speak it. If you’re in Singapore, you can learn Mandarin in many ways through private schools, local community clubs or government-accredited agencies.

Aside from gaining new knowledge and fluency in another language, learning Mandarin is also beneficial when it comes to starting up an international business.

Here’s why:

1. You can be at par with the competition.

Learning Mandarin through language centers like Yi Mandarin in Singapore can hugely benefit you if you’re starting up an international business by improving one crucial factor: communication. With efficient communication, you can quickly close business deals and open up your international business to new opportunities that could benefit the startup. With 14% of the global population speaking Mandarin, you can compete not only locally, but globally, because of the large number of people who can speak the language. You could also navigate easily through the places in Singapore because it is one of the most spoken languages in the country.

In addition, you are also improving and opening your doors to business opportunities with the fastest growing economy in the world: the Chinese economy. China has products in nearly every industry, from clothes to the latest technology the world has seen, and this could be crucial to your international business as you will be able to deal with just about any type of business venture.

By improving communication skills to close out better business deals quickly and to cross the borders of business opportunities and ventures, you can indeed be at par with international competitors as having an edge in Mandarin can become your key to success.

2. You can make more networks in business.

Another crucial factor when it comes to the success of starting your international business is business relationships. To be successful in the international market, you need to establish long-lasting and trustworthy relationships so that more business opportunities will come knocking at your door. Every billionaire did not gain success overnight, much less by themselves. They made it possible because of the relationships that they built around the company, which provided them with new business opportunities that paved the way to their professional achievements.

To establish long-lasting and trustworthy relationships, you need to communicate better with people, and what other better way to do that than to learn their language. A lot of CEOs and business executives are native Mandarin speakers, and an excellent way to impress them is to speak their own language. In that way, you are showing that you give importance to your business relationship with them. Therefore, you are establishing better foundations for business opportunities to flourish, which can be possible by expanding your business network.

3. You can familiarize yourself with Chinese culture.

By learning Mandarin, you will also be immersed in Chinese culture, enabling you to break the culture gap in the event that you have to communicate with Chinese executives or establish partnerships with them. In being more knowledgeable and familiar with their culture, you can avoid committing mistakes that could otherwise leave a bad impression upon the person you are about to close a business deal with. For instance, Chinese people prepare rare or expensive foods to show respect to guests. You can also use this when meeting with Chinese investors: prepare rare or expensive meals to let them feel they are valued.

You can also make them feel more at ease when discussing business deals with you since they know that you are familiar with their culture, which also involves how they typically conduct their business affairs. Learning their language and customs can help you easily convince them to invest in your business. These can be small but crucial aspects that could help you make or break a business deal.

Since Chinese people value their culture, learning it can open more potential investors or partners for your international business. They often value relationships and most of them only establish partnerships with people whom they are familiar with. Learning Mandarin will also teach you how to interact with them better.


Learning Mandarin in Singapore could be hugely beneficial not only when starting your international business, but also for your personal growth as well. By learning this language, you are improving your intellectual skills, as well as social and communication skills, which are vital in establishing a successful global business that could potentially benefit everyone your company, whether you’re based in Singapore or elsewhere in the world.