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How JD.com Is Changing Customer Service And Experience In Chinese e-Commerce Sector


Quality customer service is becoming an important competitive tool for any company. Most of the companies operating in the online retail industry are incorporating quality customer services and consumer experience as one of the strategic policies for helping companies to compete with other entities in the same industry. JD.com is one of the leading ecommerce companies in China that has been facing extreme competition from Alibaba, which is currently the market leader in high-end cities around the country. However, Jingdong is currently focused on ensuring that it achieves maximum market penetration through quality customer services.

One of the customer-oriented service that is geared towards establishing Jingdong as a competitive entity is the use of drones to deliver products to its customers. One of the significant challenges facing most of the online companies is that they are taking a longer period before they can deliver ordered products to the customers. Alibaba has been accused of keeping customers waiting their goods for a longer period, sometimes even more than a week. Jingdong, under the guidance of Richard Liu is exploiting this weakness and is delivering products using a next-day policy. Moreover, some of the customers who are within a three-kilometer radius from the stores are receiving their orders within thirty minutes.

Secondly, JD.com has brought all the customers to the table and anyone can now purchase various products through its online platforms. Originally, other ecommerce companies had introduced a policy of operating in major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, which alienated all other potential customers from the equation. Richard Liu realized that this is an opportunity that can be used to attract a huge number of customers to the company and help it to compete effectively with other organizations in the industry. The company started moving its services to third and fourth tier cities that have large populations but poor services from ecommerce companies.

Jingdong is probably incorporating a strategic decision that will help it to compete with other online entities in the market. However, on its strategic implementation, the company is bringing ecommerce services to the people. A huge number of customers who were forced to physically shop for their commodities in traditional stores can now purchase products through the comfort of their couches and expect the products to be delivered on the same day. The company is improving the living standards of the community while at the same time increasing the amount of money it is getting.

For a longer period, online industry has been seen as an industry that is mostly interested in selling fashion products and the modern electrical devices. In fact, most of the ecommerce companies are only specializing on selling electronic gadgets and fashion products. Only that some of the have added some digital products such as Ebooks and digital software. However, JD.com has introduced a strategic online platform that allows consumers to buy groceries through their mobile devices. JD-Diojia is a Walmart-funded project that will see customers buy fruits and vegetables through an ecommerce platform, which is something that has not been offered by other companies.

Richard Liu continues to feature in several talks and analysis of how the online retail industry is changing. Jingdong is currently leading in enhancing is product delivery with the aim of enhancing its customers’ experience while at the same time taking competition into a higher level. Recently, Jingdong has entered into an agreement with WeChat, where it will be using its own platform, Tencent to sell products to the Chinese customers who are using the communication platform. This will eliminate a situation where customers have to use the website to buy products from the company.