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[Infographic] Reinventing The Internet With Blockchain


The real mission of the blockchain revolution, for many experts, is to re-decentralize the internet. Believe it or not, the internet was decentralized at one time. To launch a website then, you had to buy a server and host your website on your own. This means that for each website, there may have been a separate server. Fast forward to current day, we now use centralized hosting services to host our websites, and other services from large corporations such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, and others which are essentially huge servers, centralizing the web.

Blockchain technology presents a new way to completely separate from the internet as we know it, and start over.

Internet vs Blockchain: A Simple Comparison.

The traditional internet is built on open-source protocols, such as TCP/IP, HTTP, or SMTP. SMTP, for example, stands for “Simple Mail Transfer Protocol”. In the past, sending an email was very difficult because you had to be quite technical to interact with SMTP. Now, we use Gmail, Outlook, or other services to send an email. These services are very convenient for our daily life, but they have grown so large that they effectively centralized the internet, which has negative side effects we all know.

Analogous to these HTTP or SMTP layers are the blockchains themselves. Blockchains are the open-source data layer protocols that will act as the basis for the new, decentralized web. Furthermore, instead of developers hosting code on a centralized server which interacts with the web, developers will now host their backend code on smart contracts, which interacts with the blockchains. In the coming years, new frameworks and user interfaces will be created just like the modern day web where users only need to interact with simple-to-use applications.

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