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6 Great Ways To Make Money Using Just A Laptop


by Hasib Howlader, director of Hudson Weir 

If you’re an entrepreneur, after a side business or looking to go self-employed, all you need to make money is your laptop.

Though once it was considered a pipe dream, today there are many things you can do, using just your laptop, to make money without ever needing to leave the house.

So whether you’re looking to start your business or are experiencing financial difficulties and seeking additional means of income, here are some excellent positions that will allow you to make money using just your laptop.

1. Online Tutor.

For those with a subject specialism or who may be a trained teacher, consider using your skills digitally to help students with their studies.

With 97% of students in Singapore having undergone tuition or enrichment classes, one-to-one tutoring provides an incredibly sought after business venture.

By using your laptop’s camera to give lessons, you needn’t leave the house yet can provide a relaxed environment for your students.

Many parents will be appreciative of the independent focus placed on their child and will subsequently pay well for this.

2. Freelance Copywriter.

A creative mindset and an articulate manner can help you earn money using just your laptop by becoming a freelance copywriter.

Numerous copywriting sites offer a chance to advertise your services while providing a platform to expand your knowledge of various industries.

Upon building a healthy portfolio of work, reach out to businesses directly to offer your expertise.

By writing product descriptions, blog posts, press releases and website content, you’ll find you have a varied day-to-day workload while gaining a range of skills.

3. Virtual Assistant.

Numerous jobs require individuals who are organised, punctual and efficient, but do you really need to be in an office to be all of those things?

Instead, make money from your laptop by becoming a virtual assistant.

Managing client diaries, updating online presences, scheduling meetings, answering emails and booking travel can all be done from the comfort of your own home.

With the average Singapore commuter wasting 84 mins per day commuting, time saved avoiding busy commutes can be used to make the day more efficient.

4. Digital Marketer.

Digital marketing experience is invaluable in today’s technological age.

Knowing exactly how to come up with innovative campaigns will allow you to make money from your laptop by taking on freelance projects.

Try offering your creative services to startup companies or businesses that need a helping hand in advertising their product online.

By taking the time to develop a decent portfolio and establishing a rapport with a few clients, you may find others are referred to you by word of mouth.

Setting up your own professional website before establishing an online presence to advertise your services will also help attract clients.

Over time, you will also be able to charge more for your services as your skills become more refined.

5. Social Media Consultant.

Every good company has an online presence these days, but social media can often be a difficult marketing aspect for companies to succeed.

For those who are experts at generating user engagement on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, there are numerous businesses that may benefit from your help.

Running and maintaining social media accounts can be managed from your laptop and is a great way to earn an additional income from home.

Before you sell your proposed social media plans to a business, make sure to do your research.

An idea of a company’s values and goals will provide substance to your pitch and strengthen your chances of reaching an agreement.

A good way to demonstrate your abilities is by working on your own social media presence alongside building up a portfolio of successful projects. This ensures your profile is well-rounded and presentable.

6. Professional Voiceover Artist.

Money can even be made using just your laptop and your voice.

A professional voiceover artist could find themselves taking on anything from audiobook projects to short radio scripts leading to varied, interesting days.

The experience gained from marketing yourself and your voice will also provide invaluable real-world marketing experience for those looking to move towards entrepreneurship.

When pursuing this avenue however, remember to consider an investment in reasonable audio recording equipment may be an additional expenditure.

Stay Motivated.

While working from home can be advantageous, motivation is essential.

Ultimately, regardless of the line of work, greater effort will reap greater rewards.

Though with one in three Singaporean’s already bringing work home with them to complete, it’s important that, should you choose to make money from home using your laptop, work-time and free-time are kept separate.

Establishing a work schedule will establish routine, while breaking up the day with exercise can give you a renewed focus for the afternoon.

Provided you manage yourself and your time efficiently, using just your laptop for work can be an enjoyable and financially prosperous activity.


Hasib Howlader is director of Hudson Weir – an insolvency practitioners firm in London helping small businesses with their finances. He is a licensed insolvency practitioner as well as a chartered tax advisor and chartered accountant.


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