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The Brewing Benefits – Why More Businesses Are Getting Coffee Machines


We’re all well-versed in the productive properties of coffee, with many of us not able to fully start our day before that hot cup of Joe. Previously, you could spot the droves of co-workers who set out braving the elements in search of that magic potion. But that’s no longer the case, at least it’s not for many businesses committed to building a better workplace for their team and equipping them with the tools and treats to get the work done.

Here’s what you stand to gain with the addition of an office coffee machine.

It’s flexible to your business.

Company spend it’s just something that can just get out of hand, it must be measured and only used on items that will add value or improve conditions. Most businesses will want to see their purchases lasting the distance and retaining their quality, so you should approach your coffee machine the same way.

If your office circumstances may change in the near future, or you simply want to test your workplace with a coffee machine before committing, then it is a wise decision to consider coffee machine rental. This gives you a safety net, while also the luxury of choosing a new top-of-the-market model without the outlying commitment. Take advantage of a flexible solution, before you decide to take the plunge and own your office coffee machine.

It keeps staff interacting inside.

As an employer, you don’t want all those bonding moments to happen outside of the office. It subconsciously conditions your staff to believe that the office is for work only, and outside is for fun and flavour. By bringing a great coffee machine inside for staff you will start to see your team interacting more, and potentially enjoying a coffee with someone outside of their caffeine run clique. You’ll experience the best of both worlds, with staff feeling like they can relax and take 5 at work, but it will actually increase their productivity time.

Percolated perks.

Your HR department have probably told you that talent are looking for more than just an ideal salary. It’s those perks that get the signed contract; flexible working, car parks, having your birthday off, and an onsite cafe or coffee machine. Our future talent still have hustle, but they know what they are worth and what little additions are going to get them powering through the day and thriving. Add your new coffee machine to your job ads and company profile, and begin persuading the market on why your office is their next destination. You never know, your candidate could have two almost identical offers on the table – so give them a reason to call you back.

Impress your client.

No one takes meetings just to get out of the office and have a coffee, although it does sweeten the deal a little bit. Offering your visiting clients or partners a freshly ground coffee is going to be well received, and it may even persuade them to have the next client meeting at your office again. Your incredible staff and clean surroundings will play a huge part in creating an impression, but your inhouse coffee machine will put you over the edge.

There’s only upside when you bring a coffee machine into your office, and the benefits will be felt by your current and future staff – not to mention your precious clients. If you can’t justify the spend at the moment, simply rent a model and then you can return and purchase when you are well and truly converted to the cause and ready to take business to the next level.


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