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The SEO Trends Watchlist For 2019 – A Simplified Guide


Regardless of the niche, nature of commercial activity, budget and other concerns, websites will have to focus on SEO, or Search engine optimisation to remain visible and accessible to the target audience. When you want to generate revenue from your website, being positioned on SERPs is necessary, and that’s exactly what SEO is all about.

In association with Moon Marketing, we are decoding the most important SEO trends you need to watch in 2019 and how to adapt to each like a pro.

1. Go mobile or go home!

More than 50% of all internet searches are initiated on a mobile/handheld device, and therefore, your website, SEO efforts and everything else has to be mobile-oriented. This is anyway a must now, because Google has already announced “mobile first indexing”, which simply means that ranking/indexing will be now rely on mobile versions first.

How to go about it?

Well, just make sure that you have a responsive website and your website is optimized for mobile users and offers a similar, engaging experience as the desktop one. Make sure that you are not using m-dot and responsive for the same website page.

2. Content is still king.

Google may have algorithm updates and change other aspects, but the importance of content is a constant. Creating quality content for your website, blog and social media will be a relevant aspect, simply because it is not going to be about keywords alone. Search Engine Optimisation will depend on the quality of content you produce, and not the quantity.

How to go about it?

Writing is all about offering what your audiences want and expect. Unfortunately, websites are not focusing beyond that clickbait title, and that attitude has to change. There is a need to write genuine, engaging content that doesn’t only generate traffic for a short period, but pushes the target audience to return for more.

3. Video content will be important.

Videos can keep people hooked for minutes at a stretch, and that’s the advantage of investing in video content. Experts agree that video content marketing and SEO are likely to be more related in years to come.

How to go about it?

Don’t create videos for gimmick. If your videos have a good premise, quality content, and delivers on the promise of the title, people will stay longer on your website. Think of this as an investment beyond regular content, and you will reap the benefits.

4. The focus on E-A-T.

For the uninitiated, E-A-T stands for expertise, authority, and trustworthiness, as per search quality rating guidelines of Google, and in 2019, this will be a trend to watch for. Authority and expertise on the subject, writing with a flair to establish a trust-based relationship with the audience will matter for ranking.

How to go about it?

Well, your content creators will matter for leveraging E-A-T. They must know what it takes to gather information and data and present them in the right format. Also, it is necessary to credit sources, mention information from authoritative sites, so that people learn to trust the information you share and look forward to more contents.

5. Voice Search is here.

Voice optimization will be a strategy for the coming year, but if you can focus on this in 2019, you may reap the benefits in years to come. Back in 2018, voice search emerged as a new trend, but not everyone was sure about it. Experts are optimistic that voice search will be important for simple queries, but there is a long way to go as far as complex answers are concerned.

How to go about it?

A good idea is to wait and watch. Consider getting in touch with Moon Marketing SEO consulting service to understand if your website can adapt to voice search and use it for SEO benefits in the current situation. Eventually, it boils down to the objective of your company and other aspects, such as the target audience and how you expect them to interact with your website.

Looking at the future of SEO!

We live in a ‘smart’ world, where things are propelled by technologies and solutions that are designed to mimic human mind and actions. It is not surprising that SEO experts see Artificial Intelligence as the new approach. It is important to consider the scope and future of artificial intelligence for two reasons-

  1. Firstly, the relationship between artificial intelligence and SEO is not a farfetched one anymore.
  2. And it may have serious impact on optimisation strategies.

Think of examples like RankBrain. RankBrain is basically a machine-based algorithm that Google had introduced way back in 2015. AI will be more important and engaging in time to come, especially when it comes to decoding search queries. SEO gurus believe that Artificial Intelligence will evolve with time and may have a specialized approach to each query, while focusing on the end-user’s experience. Web analytics and other things like how content will be written will depend on how AI and SEO merge in time ahead.

If you think of Artificial Intelligence from the standpoint of search engine, the objective is rather simple – To ensure that people searching for information and answers get the most relevant options on the first page. As such, clickbait titles and other means to influence the choices of users will not work in the long run. A takeaway of the impact of Artificial Intelligence on SEO is to change the way you create content. If you focus on white-hat SEO, create content that’s not misleading but relevant and useful for the audience, your website will reap the benefits.

Creating a brand with SEO.

While there is no denying that paid marketing, social media ads and other forms of online marketing tricks will matter for promoting your website, SEO will be all about quality. It doesn’t matter if you offer financial advice through your website or want to sell baked cakes locally, SEO will be all about creating a brand, and the overall approach of white-hat SEO will make it easier.

Think of your website as a brand that you want to share with the world. To make the most of organic marketing, positive and regular social media presence is also going to matter. Consider getting in touch with authority sites and influencers. Link building will be all about quality and brand association instead of quantity, while social media influencers, bloggers and vloggers can also spread the word, to turn your website into a brand.

Summing up the simple SEO 2019 guidelines for website owners.

  1. Understand what the audiences want and create content for channels where you can target them. Don’t ask people to read your content, but generate content that they want to read to engage and retain people.
  2. Data analysis, artificial intelligence and machine learning are not farfetched terms anymore. Make sure that you use data mining to derive necessary information about your audience, which will help in understanding content funnels.
  3. Update your mobile site. It has to be as enriching of an experience as the desktop version, and there is no skipping of that. If needed, think of redesigning your website.

Get in touch with Moon Marketing.

Website owners often have no clue as how SEO works or how they can practically make the most of the trends we just discussed, and that’s exactly where SEO consultancy fits in. Moon Marketing offers SEO consultancy, focusing on the exclusive needs of the concerned client. The focus is on basics like keyword strategy and link building, but to make that happen, the experts here use means like data mining, business analysis and so on.

Decode ROI on organic search with upcoming “X75”.

The team of Moon Marketing believes that artificial intelligence and machine learning will matter for SEO, and there are rumours that the consultancy is now developing a system that will rely on new-age tech. Using tech innovations, API connections and other sophisticated systems based on AI, the team will increase the returns on investment for organic search by a huge percentage. Rumour mills also have it that the system is being called “X75”, although nothing has been confirmed by the SEO consultancy firm as of now. The idea of developing “X75” is to attract more users to the site, using varied means, including AI and data analysis.

Exploring SEO with Moon Marketing.

If you want to make the most of varied channels, white-hat SEO techniques, and social media, Moon Marketing is your trusted partner for all kinds of questions related to organic search. Their approach is a customized one, where they focus on the needs of your company, find channels and means that will work for your audience, and if things go as planned, their new system will become the new weapon to tame the requirements related to SEO. To know more on Moon Marketing’s “X75”, keep an eye on their website, as the company is expected to make an announcement soon.

Regardless of the launch, Moon Marketing can help your business soar.

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