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Google Assistant Will Let You Make The Most Of Your Daily Routine


Google Assistant (or GA) is an ingenious product from Google that was presented to the general public in mid-2016. Meant as a replacement of Google Now, the app represents the next step in the development of AI-powered cloud-based services. Though it is pretty similar to Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana, it provides a much smoother and more enjoyable user experience.

GA can be used for performing tasks based on the entered information, retrieving location data, as well as searching for information from various online resources such as weather, traffic, news, exchange rates, retail prices in stores, essay writing help for high school students, etc. In this case, you should specify the most preferred service provider.

Google is trying to make Google Assistant compatible with all mobile devices. To download this app on an Android smartphone, you just need to say “Okay, Google” or press and hold the home screen button for several seconds. To get it on iOS, you need to download it from AppStore. At present, the application is available in different languages, however, there are some limitations.

How Does Google Assistant Work?

The user can have the Google Assistant perform different tasks by giving it voice commands. This function enables you to find information on the Internet, create reminders, and perform various actions, such as calling a taxi or booking a table in a restaurant.

Developed and designed for interactive communication, the application has a virtual personality that can track your conversations and evaluate context. You can get to know it better by inquiring what its favorite movie is, finding out its nickname or asking it to make you laugh. GA adjusts itself to your speech style to be able to create a database of relevant responses. The application will find what to answer even if you ask it an abstract or philosophical question (e.g., “What is better?” or “Can I do it?”).

GA can listen, save, and analyze the user’s dialogues for the purpose of determining and searching keywords and concepts. It can answer questions in the usual dialogue mode, set the alarm or timer, show booking data, translate speech, talk about the weather, find a movie, and make a playlist of favorite songs.

Google Assistant can recognize songs that play nearby. For that, you should only say out loud “What is this song?” or “What song is playing?” GA knows where you work, what your favorite sports team is, what your travel plans are, and what is interesting to you. It can also suggest various options for purchasing goods or ordering services. Any message pronounced can be sent via WhatsApp or Viber.

Additional Innovations.

Offline search. If you are trying to find information while your Internet connection disabled, the application will remember what you were looking for and display the search results as soon network connection is restored. Though this function isn’t new, Google made it even more convenient — when access to the network appears, GA gets your device to download the first few pages with search results so that you can view the necessary information even if the connection disappears again.

Simplified mode. Once this mode is activated, web pages and images are downloaded faster, letting you consume less Internet traffic.

Payments via Google Assistant. Now, this function does not work, but in the near future, users will be able to add their credit cards details, as well as payment systems for online shopping. In the US, Google will launch Google Express Service for the delivery of goods purchased with the help of Google Assistant.

The application can be activated from the Google homepage. Now, this feature does not work, but its con is available on the home page for quick access to the service.

Control of all home appliances. At present, Google verbal processing algorithm allows users to control all home appliances by voice.

Support for Google Assistant. Using a keyboard instead of voice command and new settings for flexible adjustment of this app to the user’s needs.

Install this application on your smartphone in just one click. You can also launch it by using the “Ok Google” command or pressing and holding the home screen button. Your personal assistant is ready to come to your rescue anytime and anywhere. Just ask it a question or tell it what to do.