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[INTERVIEW] Eldon Mascoll, Toronto Entrepreneur, Founder Of Freedom Park Media Group


Since the 90s, Toronto-based entrepreneur Eldon Mascoll has been making his mark in the media industry, working in areas that include television production, film, marketing and advertising.

Eldon Mascoll’s media career began at HBO Pictures in Los Angeles, where he worked as an intern learning the ins and outs of the development and production of feature films and television programs.  Taking what he learned at HBO, Mascoll formed EME Inc., a production company that produced Phat TV for Canadian broadcaster CFMT Television, as well as a year-end television special, “Phat TV 97”, that was syndicated nationally in the U.S.

Mascoll’s experience then took him to New York City, where he immersed himself in the advertising world, working on several campaigns with major national clients like Pepsi, Target and Burger King.

Mascoll went on to work at MTV Networks, where he served as an on-air promotions producer and played a key role in rebranding The Nashville Network to “The New TNN” (now Spike TV).  During this time, Mascoll also wrote, produced and directed the documentary short, “No Place Like Home,” for Hospital Audiences Inc., a nonprofit organization that helps disadvantaged communities learn about and experience culture.

He returned to his hometown of Toronto in 2003, where he has since led multiple ventures, including the launch of “Games On Wheels Canada” (gamesonwheels.ca). Games On Wheels is the largest mobile video game truck business in the country.

Most recently, Mascoll’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to launch a new media company, Freedom Park Media Group (FPMG), where he serves as Executive Producer.  FPMG is a digital content company with a multi-platform slate of projects in development.

We sat down with Eldon Mascoll to get his insight on becoming a successful entrepreneur and what guidance he can provide other aspiring entrepreneurs.

Q: Your career has spanned from working on various media ventures to opening and operating your own franchise.  What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs who are working to break into the market with their own business ideas?

I think you need to research your industry before making commitments, not only financially, but also with your time. Learning how the business really works by speaking to people in the industry. That’s a good starting point. There’s also a good amount of free information you can gather online but speaking to people who are in the field is the most valuable informal research you can do.

Q:  If you could offer a first-time entrepreneur only one piece of advice, what would it be?

Don’t be afraid to fail. If you haven’t failed you’re not trying.

Q:  The influence of the digital landscape has been steadily growing since the 1990’s.  What are some up-and-coming digital media trends you think marketers should know about?  

Artificial Intelligence is only getting bigger. Companies are being built around AI technology. It’s all encompassing when you look at how programmatic advertising works. It allows you to precisely identify your target and it’s changed the entire ad buying business.  It’s gone beyond search. They’re also using AI in chat. Everything you do in the digital space is being monitored and acted upon. It’s scary but it’s the new world.

Q: Focus and productivity are important skills for any entrepreneur or business leader.  Over the years, have you developed any routines or techniques to stay focused and productive in your day-to-day work?

I prioritize tasks at the beginning of every week and also every day. There are big picture tasks and smaller issues that need to get done. I make lists. I assign priority numbers to every item on my list. I try to do creative things in the morning and routine duties later in the day.

Q: As an industry leader, what skills do you think every entrepreneur working in digital media should know and master?  

Writing is an essential skill. Understanding data and analytics are also key. Curiosity is a core skill that many entrepreneurs already possess and it’s never-ending. Remembering not to rest on what you’ve achieved and to keep learning and improving, that’s a winning mindset every entrepreneur should embrace.