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What Is AWS And Why Is It Brilliant For Startups


AWS or Amazon Web Services is a revolutionary, ultra-secure, cloud services platform. AWS officially launched in 2006 and provides scalable compute power, content delivery, database storage and more to businesses of all sizes all across the globe.

With dozens of physical data centers across the world, AWS customers enjoy unheard of reliability that is resilient and not prone to failures often experienced by individual servers or data centers.

Your AWS journey begins in the AWS Marketplace, which is essentially an online store where you can pick and choose which web services you need.  Some of the services you might choose include:

  • Application hosting
  • Web hosting
  • Data storage and backup
  • Content delivery
  • Database software and solutions, and more

If this is sounding complicated and overwhelming, don’t worry. There are highly qualified consultants and support personnel who can walk you through this process. Enlisting the help of AWS Consulting Services is a great first step. These services can provide valuable education and support to get you started. Many even offer ongoing mentorship with AWS.

How Will AWS Help My Startup?

Scalable Flexibility.

It boils down to flexibility. By utilizing the AWS portfolio of services, startup businesses are free to access the state of the art technology without having to foot the bill. AWS uses a flexible “pay as you go” model that does not include upfront costs or long-term contracts. This is ideal for startups with minimal capital at their disposal. With AWS, you have the freedom of on-demand scalability for the inevitable fluctuations that come with startups.

No Equipment Costs.

In the past, new businesses would give their best guess as to what their hardware needs would look like and then invest huge amounts of money on technical equipment they may or may not end up utilizing. Thanks to AWS, those days are over.  Not only are you able to purchase services (not equipment), you have consistent pricing and the ability to experiment and make changes without the fear of over-spending. This is huge for innovation.


New businesses want to start strong, and developing a solid reputation is a huge part of that. When you choose to work with AWS you have access to the highest level of security certificates and the industry’s most recognized audit reports. Your data and your customer’s data are safe and secure due to AWS’s multi-layered operational and physical security measures.

AWS is ideal for a startup. It provides a comprehensive portfolio of services with no risk. With fewer upfront costs, more and more people are able to build their companies and realize their American Dream. Entrepreneurs are flocking to this one of a kind service as a way to enter the market and build their business from the ground up without the fear of high-priced tech expenses.