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Toxic People You Need To Avoid When Starting A Business


When you start creating a business, there will be many factors that you can come up against. There are plenty of challenges, but people are often the biggest single factor that will ensure success or failure.

There are many people out there that may try to work against you. There are various reasons behind this; they may be jealous, they may be scared of your potential for success, or they may be angry that you are going on to do great things without them.

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1. One-choice Wendy.

This is the person who issues an ultimatum and tries to make you choose between the options that they offer. It’s them, or the business.

In life, there is never a single choice though. If someone is offering you a single choice, they are trying to replicate what is known as ‘Hobson’s Choice’. Thomas Hobson owned a stable in Cambridge. He offered his customers a single choice – they could either have the horse in the stall closest to the door, or have no horse at all. Of course, there were multiple choices available to these people… But he created an illusion that there were only two viable options.

This is an attempt at gaining control over you. Go over your options; you have plenty more than just ‘them or the business’.

2. Needy Nigel.

You are not responsible for, or capable of, making another person happy. If someone claims that you focusing on your business is making them unhappy, they are trying to make you feel guilty. They are trying to control you. Continually making someone else the priority in your life will condition you to sacrificial thinking. You may start believing that you have to sacrifice your dreams, goals or success in order to make other people happy.

However, this is doing you and them a disservice. You are going to sacrifice your dreams for them, and end up resenting them for holding you back.

3. Mistake Maureen.

Sometimes you will make mistakes and mess up. You are human and there are times you will feel unsuccessful. Everyone does. We can sometimes fail at life a lot more than we succeed. You have to let it go, forgive yourself, and move forward.

However, there are sometimes people who constantly remind you of your mistakes. But remember to learn from your mistakes as you are not your past. Don’t listen to Mistake Maureen.

4. Tall poppy Trevor.

When someone is doing great, it’s normal to feel a burst of jealousy as you compare yourself to the other person. However, a mature person can put aside their jealousy and celebrate other’s achievements. A mature person also understands that they can’t be the best at everything all the time, and that someone else’s success doesn’t diminish their achievements.

There are people out there who will try to pull you down and minimise your success. They will try to belittle you, diminish you, and make you feel bad. Ignore them, and go on to be bigger and better.

5. Worst-person William.

There will always be someone who brings out the very worst in you. If you can’t control yourself around them, stop being around them. Unless you make substantial changes, they will continue to bring out the worst in you.

6. Yourself.

You can sometimes be your biggest challenge. Sometimes it is best not to get too comfortable where you are. To push yourself to achieve bigger and better things every day you may need to stay uncomfortable.

Often the best way to deal with negative people is to ignore them. Don’t waste time or energy arguing with negative people.