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6 Office Supply Must-Haves For Filing Documents


In this digital world, documents and other transactions are now done through computers. Even though the workplace is now dominated by computer systems and servers, it is still important to have physical copies of transactions. In this modern age, the filing of documents and data archiving still holds a place in the majority of workplaces.

When it comes to data archiving, the filing process is that one process that could make or break company data system. When the filing process is easy and efficient, there would be minimum inconsistencies, missing files, and other problems one might encounter in archiving the documents. It is also important to consider the location of the documents and the extra measures such as labels, the container of the documents, and other things. A filing cabinet or a box (if the office is not that spacious) would be needed.

Users would also want to keep the physical records orderly and not prone to weathering. To keep physical records orderly, several office supplies are needed. These supplies are necessary to keep things tidy and orderly.

Here are the six office supplies that you would need in order to keep the filing cabinet in good shape.

1. Binders.

An office will not be complete without binding supplies that keeps everything together in one piece. This is also a good way to organize things, especially those lonely papers that can be classified together. Binders are also good at compiling reports. Using a binder will also let you organize things in custom categories, depending on your needs. You can arrange records per day, per week, or per month, depending on what’s more convenient.

One more benefit in using a binder is that it reduces pages to fall off using the rings included. In this way, you can carry a record to your desk or anywhere else without worrying about the contents falling.

2. Rubber Bands.

You’ll be surprised at how rubber bands can become handy in any workplaces. Rubber bands allow more customization in organizing records. For example, a rubber band can hold documents that are too thick for a binder. It can also temporary help you separate things while organizing records. Last, but not least, rubber bands can hold together binders, folders, or envelops that are stuffed with too much paper and are bursting out. This sounds funny, but it actually happens to a lot of workplaces.

3. Scotch Tape and Masking Tape.

The Scotch tape is helpful for tidying up things through labels. An alternative for Scotch tape is glue, but it would be a hassle if you want to make things done immediately. Scotch tape can also be used in sealing envelopes for mail and more things. This is one of the most important office supplies to have. Masking tape is also important if the workplace is using boxes to store older files, especially if there is limited space in the filing cabinet.

4. Markers.

Printed labels are still the better option, but if you have a lot of labeling to do, a marker might be more efficient. Instead of printing a lot of labels, cutting them into squares and rectangles (or circles, if that’s your gig), and then using Scotch tapes to stick those labels on things, a marker is a simple solution. Make sure that your handwriting is decent and that other people will be able to read it.

5. Folders and Envelopes.

A filing process is not complete without folders and envelopes. There are other options such as a binder, but there are things that are better off in folders and envelopes. If you have a category that only has a handful of papers, a folder is more logical. It is also a good way to utilize the capacity of binders. If you have to store papers of different sizes, then an envelope might be a better choice. It is also a better option for paper with the smaller size or documents that cannot be put in a folder or a binder.

6. Binder Clips and Staplers.

Clips and staples are used to keep several documents together. Staplers are for handful documents that need to be stored together for easier retrieval later on. Binder clips are used if you have to stick more pages together and wherein staplers are not enough. Binder clips can also serve as reference points for easier retrieval of documents.


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