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Easy Ways To Make More Money From Your Window Cleaning Business


Where there are windows, window cleaners will be needed – this fact bodes well for business owners who specialize in this essential service. If you’re looking for ways to take your window cleaning business to new heights in 2019, implement some of these strategies into your business model, and watch the profits roll in.

From process automation to customer service efforts, there are plenty of ways to up the ante on your daily productivity and improve your bottom line.

Let’s take a look at some of these strategies below:

Revisit Your Rates Regularly.

When it comes to your window washing pricing, you can’t set it and forget it. In order to remain competitive with other service companies in your area, it’s important to regularly revisit your rates and consider how they stack up against rival window washing businesses. You may find that you are charging too much to pull in new customers, or, on the flip side, discover that you’re doing yourself a disservice by charging too little. If you believe your work justifies higher prices, you can incrementally hike prices while still keeping old customers. Prove yourself as a trustworthy washing company that provides high-quality service, and you’ll keep customers coming back no matter how your rate changes.

Not sure how to measure your rates? Use this rule of thumb from profitablewindowcleaning.com: Look to win about 80% to 85% of your window cleaning bids. If you’re winning all of your bids, it’s likely your prices are too low for the market. Once you’re winning around 80% of your bids, you’ve rated correctly – and you’re likely seeing significant profits.

Beef Up Your Marketing.

Growing your business means pulling in new customers – are you marketing your services well enough? If you need to enhance your marketing campaigns, look to social media. The majority of your prospective customers are likely on some form of social media or another. Facebook still reigns, and continues to be the most widely used social media platform, with 79% of American internet users. In the last quarter of 2017, 1.37 billion active users visited Facebook every day – as you can see, there’s a lot to be said about regularly engaging with potential customers on this social media channel.

Automate Your Daily Processes.

If you haven’t embraced the tech tools of tomorrow, it’s high-time you took a look at the way innovative new technologies have changed the landscape of service industries like window washing. By investing in window cleaning business software, you can take advantage of an array of time-saving tools that help automate your processes. Book jobs online, communicate with clients, schedule your team, and optimize routes to ensure you’re making the most of each work hour. Taking some of your back-office work online can save you important time that you can dedicate to growing your business.

Enhance Customer Service.

The best way to build your business: provide high-quality service. Make sure each and every customer receives a 5-star experience every time they enlist your window washing services. Show up to scheduled appointments on time, provide premier work, and regularly check in with your customers to ensure they’re happy with your work and the work of your team.

Showing your clients that you care about satisfying their needs bodes well for customer retention, and may help you garner important business referrals. While checking in face-to-face with customers is a must, you should also consider your online reputation. Regularly check your reviews on some of the major review sites, including Yelp and TrustPilot. If you see negative feedback, respond to it respectfully and work to make it right with the unsatisfied consumer. If you do receive negative reviews, consider them a learning opportunity; reflect on where you or your team went wrong, and put checks in place to ensure it doesn’t happen again in the future.

By implementing a few strategic behaviors and ensuring your customers are satisfied with a job well done, you can boost profits within your window washing business. Consider the above facets and determine which best suit your company’s capabilities and needs – and watch this year become your most profitable yet.


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