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Going The Distance: Turning Your Business Into A “Mobile” One


If you are working at developing a business that goes places, arguably, the biggest impact any budding entrepreneur has now is to turn the company into one that covers, pretty much, the entire planet. It’s not enough to have one location now, you’ve got to be diverse, malleable, and you’ve got to go where the work is.

Usually, this just means having an internet connection as a remote working freelancer, but if you want your business to go the distance, you’ve got to find ways for the company to translate to other parts of the world. How can we do this?

Overestimating Your Technology.

Yes, an internet connection is what most of us need to get onto the business ladder, but with the numerous threats that can infiltrate our systems through open Wifi connections, you’ve got to ensure that your technological capabilities are comprehensive in its protection. For any traveling entrepreneur, a VPN is worth its weight in gold, because not only does it give you the protection you need, but with any Virtual Private Network, these can be scaled up and down in relation to the progression of your company. Technology is a complicated subject matter when you know nothing about it, and this is where it pays to have the right people on board, or ensure you are sufficiently clued up as far as rules and regulations are concerned…

Understanding The Changes In Rules And Regulations.

Most of us get a legal representative to advise us on these matters, but for those people who don’t have the finances, unfortunately, we have to work at progressing the business by ourselves, with as much information as we can physically acquire. In America alone, an LLC operating agreement has to be in compliance with the laws of that state, meaning that there are 50 permutations! So when you are working at a business that travels, you’re making more work for yourself. This means you need more knowledge with regards to each specific state, area, or country.

Altering Your Attitude To Culture.

You might have created a business model that is adjustable, but even if you move your business 200 miles down the road, the attitudes are going to be different there. The standard business model has to be malleable. In addition to this, you’ve got to have a flexible attitude to the customer, the employees, and even the product. Culture shocks are very common for businesses that move overseas because people have different attitudes to the working week or the ethos may not be what you originally thought. Go in with an open mind.

The Power Of Delegating.

As in the 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss, you can have a profitable work-life balance if you harness the power of delegating. To take advantage of this, it’s invaluable, because you can make the most of local attitudes, all encompassed in one employee. Running a “mobile” business requires you to wear many different hats, and to change your attitudes and approaches regularly, delegating these duties to employees local to specific areas will make life a lot easier for you. In essence, you’ve got someone that’s an interpreter.

Turning your business into a mobile one is a challenge, but it’s an essential one we’ve all got to undertake in the modern business landscape.