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Why Education Is Essential for Success


While you do not need to acquire multiple degrees throughout your life to become a success, there is no doubt that education helps many people to secure a rewarding career.

By continuing to learn and gain experience, it is possible to enjoy a high-flying, well-paid role that will provide you with a happy sense of achievement each day.

If you are considering hitting the books or embarking on a course, find out below why education is essential for success.

A Greater Financial Future.

People with an education are more likely to land a high-paying job, which can help them to enjoy a better quality of life.

For example, according to the Economic Policy Institute, college graduates reportedly earn an average of 56% more than high school graduates. So, the more educated you are, the bigger your earning potential.

More Career Opportunities.

One of the biggest reasons to gain an education is due to the many career opportunities it can bring.

Many employers now view college-level education as a basic requirement, even for roles that once did not require a diploma, such as an administrative assistant career.

The more education you have, the more career opportunities you will have to choose from. To take your pick of superb jobs in your city, consider embarking on an online postgraduate course at ECU Online.

Work in a Sought-After Field.

As people specialize in a particular field at college, they are more likely to enter a profession they enjoy.

However, those without a specialty or experience may have fewer options to choose from, so they may be forced to find a lower paid job that helps to support their family or fund their lifestyle over enjoying a rewarding career.

Better Social Skills.

College graduates tend to have better social skills in comparison to those with high school education.

That is because they will more than likely have had to learn to live with roommates, so they may have learned how to get along with different personalities and will understand the importance of compromise.

Some students may also have joined sororities or fraternities, which will have forced them to socialize with others, so they could effectively form friendly relationships in the workplace, which can also lead to career advancement.

Improved Health.

Education cannot only improve your financial circumstances, job satisfaction, and career opportunities, but it can also reportedly help you to live longer.

A study published in PLOS ONE found that people who have received a higher education tend to outlive those with minimal education.

The same study also stated that a failure to secure a high education could be as detrimental as smoking cigarettes. That is because they may have a lack of healthcare knowledge or a smaller salary that can prevent them from buying healthy, fresh produce.

Plus, more financial worries will equal more stress, which can place significant pressure on a person’s heart, blood pressure and mental health.

Higher education could, therefore, widely transform the nation’s health, as it can result in healthier behaviors, a higher income, lower stress levels, and stronger cognitive development.

Enhanced Decision-Making Skills.

It appears people are not born to be rational decision makers, and it is their education that can determine the choices they make throughout their lives.

According to a recent study published in Science, education can lead to better decision-making abilities.

The research found it can help people to make better decisions to reach their economic goals, so it could be the key to a better quality of life.

A Prosperous Economy.

Education not only benefits a person, but it can also positively impact society as a whole.

For example, countries with high-literacy rates are often much more prosperous and offer a higher per capita income, such as the UK, Japan, USA, and Australia.

However, underdeveloped and developing counties with a low literacy rate can result in many people living below the poverty line. So, the more education citizens have, the more prosperous a nation will be.


It is never too late to return to education. It doesn’t matter if you are 18 or 80 years old, you are never too old to learn new skills, increase your experience and boost your knowledge, which can help you to secure your dream career or improve your quality of life.

While there are, of course, some exceptions to the rule, one thing is sure: an education can provide a person with greater opportunities, earning potential, better health, and improved communication skills.