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How To Choose The Right Project Management Tools


In the recent past, choosing the right project management tool was a tough decision as it was such a significant investment. Now, due to the way technology has changed how businesses connect through the Internet of Things, the challenge is choosing the right tool from a plethora of options.

While different industries and niches will have specific needs, there are a few traits that everyone can benefit from in project management software. Here’s how to choose the right tools for the job.

Easy Learning Curve.

According to the experts at projectcentral.com, using software that has an easy learning curve and simple onboarding empowers your employees to take control of their tasks and stay productive. Furthermore, it reduces front-end frustration and sets your employees up for success, rather than having them struggle before the project even begins.

Don’t be tempted by all of the overwhelming bells and whistles some project management software has to offer. Those who use the program shouldn’t have to take a full-day course to know how to schedule and update tasks. However, looking for a provider that has additional resources to enhance the user experience is a bonus.

Budget and Needs.

Creating a budget and a list of features that must be included is a great way to eliminate some of the options and focus on project management tools that are relevant to your business. While there are many affordable options, all business expenses should be planned for and considered for continued financial success.

In addition to having a list of must-haves, create a tiered list that outlines things that would be nice to have as well as dream features – things you don’t expect to see, but would be incredible if you could find them. This will help you take a deeper dive if you narrow it down to a few options with similar offerings.

Try Before You Buy.

Businesses that offer a trial period before you’re expected to purchase their product have faith in what they sell. This means that they value their customers’ needs and stand behind the product they’re selling. From a business standpoint, this gives you the opportunity to compare what the project management software has to offer and how it aligns with your needs.

It’s not only the capabilities of a project management program that matter; it also needs to create a positive user experience. Everything from the simplicity of the design to the workflow will have an impact on how well things are kept up to date. Overly complex project management software is useless if the users find it too tedious to use.

Remote Access.

It wasn’t too long ago that project management software only had the capability to be updated by one person at a time. Before, a hard copy of the information was printed, emailed or saved to a shared folder. Now, however, businesses expect more.

Having cloud capabilities that allow multiple people to be updating the project and ensuring that everyone has access to the same version is essential. With remote work becoming more prevalent and possibly changing the future of the 9-5 workday culture, it’s important to get ahead of the curve. For many businesses, having project management software with remote capabilities can save thousands of dollars and allow them to find talent from anywhere in the world.

For examples, PMO 365 is software to provide the C level management with an overview of CRM and Project Management tools so the C level managers at the business can remotely manage the resources of the company.

Why Project Management Matters.

As the saying goes, a goal without a plan is just a wish. Project management software is the foundation for strong action plans that help a business reach its goals. Taking time to research the various tools available and choose a reputable program is paramount for project planning success.