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5 Reasons Why Your Business’ Instagram Posts Fail


Instagram’s engagement is higher than Facebook and Twitter, and a major reason for this is that images and video perform much better than text. People prefer these media formats, and they have been a key growth driver for many businesses on Instagram.

But some posts work well, while others fail.

When posts fail, they lead to lost revenue and engagement. Key reasons why your business’ Instagram posts are failing include:

1. You’re Not Linking to Your Site in Your Bio.

If you own a company, don’t assume that the name of your account will be a “hint” as to which website your followers should visit. You need to have a link in your bio, or a call-to-action, which will direct users to your website.

Your stunning photography and videography may attract viewers, but for a return on investment, you need to lure visitors to your company’s website.

2. Ditch Private Account Modes.

If you want to gain Instagram followers, one of the worst things that you can do is set your profile to “private.” We’ve all seen how “meme” accounts can attract followers with a private profile, but it’s an inconvenience for consumers.

And it also adds more work for a business.

You’ll need to accept all of the followers on a private account, and this means more work for your business.

3. Start Adding in Hashtags.

Hashtags are the way that people search on Instagram, and if you don’t include hashtags, it’s going to be much harder for your audience to find you. When you have no followers, hashtags are what can mean the difference between success or failure.

You can add 30 hashtags on a photo, but studies show that adding 5 – 10 hashtags works well.

Vary your hashtags, and try to find a sweet spot, often between 7 and 9, where engagement seems to be the highest.

4. You’re Posting in Batches.

Scheduling posts is a great way to keep your account’s users engaged day and night, but there’s a big difference between scheduling posts and batch posting. A lot of accounts will post pictures rapidly, and posting 2 – 5 pictures in succession is doing you no good.

First, these pictures clog up followers’ feeds.

Second, you’re missing the key metric of time in your posting. There are active times and inactive times in each time zone. By batch posting, you’re losing out on the potential for more people to see your posts and follow your account.

5. Leaving Out Call-to-Actions in Posts.

Your posts should have call-to-actions embedded in them, but a lot of businesses skip this part. Perhaps a business owner believes that this practice is too “spammy.” But all of the major brands are adding a call to action in their posts.

You need to do the same, too.

This doesn’t mean spam your post with links, but it does mean encouraging visitors to follow a link to learn more information about the product image that they’re seeing.

Spend time on your Instagram account and don’t forget to learn from others in your niche. Follower your competitor’s accounts to see what they’re doing – right or wrong – on their accounts.