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10 Low-Cost Startup Ideas That Students Can Use


Current college students belong to Generation Z and you can’t deny that they all in some way possess entrepreneurial sense. For millennials, stories of start-ups that began with two undergraduates having big dreams that they never knew could be achieved and then established a corporation worth millions of dollars is an awe of business life.

Young people nowadays are seeking alternatives to the high education or consider that self-education is much better for achieving their future plans. There are numerous young people who have invented unique technology or successful app before even reaching their twenties.

Being technologically savvy, but realistic at the same time, iGen demonstrates increased interest in entrepreneurship than previous generations. Many shape business ideas after meeting peers who inspire and become their partners in extra activities.

Business ideas for students today are obviously connected partially or fully with online ventures. Let’s look at what is there on surface:

1. Blogging and social media.

Leading lifestyle blog and developing smart content strategy for social media seems very natural and easy for young generation. They can start out with giving hints on getting around campus just for fun or filming entertaining videos and snaps. Successful blogging can help you in becoming local influencer with further development of collaboration and endorsements.

2. Virtual assistant.

Help with sorting emails, reviewing online documents or posting content. If people have important errands, but have very few available hours for that, they can be interested in helping hands. You have car at your disposal, but you need at least money for the gas or earn them from low-maintenance online jobs, with further option of moving outside digital help.

3. Inventions.

Actively involved in tech and innovation, representatives of Gen Z can easily spot small service that is missing from an industry but would make life of certain group of people easier. Having these insights allow young people becoming so successful with an application or service. If you spot blank space in the world of services, try delivering the process to solution.

Keep it low-cost by writing an app yourself or by partnering up with another inspired peer.

4. Websites and web design.

Create websites or offer web design services for individuals or small businesses. Having conceptual ideas and good recommendations are a good basis for developing full-time business hiring people to extend list of services and maybe even establishing IT company.

5. Helping to be green and eco.

It’s is also about the lifestyle. Try and set up weekend event on college campus with goods from local farmers and yoga and meditation master classes. Mindful approach to daily routine helps relieving stress just as much as when you buy college essay.

You could also offer local small business and household sorting out the garbage and take it up to the local recycling site.

6. Advertising and PR.

If you are good with setting up ads an PR campaigns, you can help companies set up the scheme to draw more traffic to their businesses. Beware that a certain budget is involved here. Make sure you double check your calculations before providing a final request for a budget from the customer. This option has a perspective of running a further digital marketing agency.

7. Dog help.

Offer to take someone’s puppy for a walk deliver additional services of trimming, washing, vet visits and even preparing a shopping list for the peculiar needs of a breed and take the smooch shopping. It is a work that can be squeezed in a break between classes.

8. Delivering service.

Set up a local delivery service. Working class is used to allocating their lunch break to personal stuff and as you can tell an hour is rarely enough to accomplish anything. You can help them by picking up the documents, orders, clothing from the local dry-cleaning, etc.

9. Sports coach.

Offer services of a personal trainer at a local gym and nutrition supervisor if the sport has been your life. To draw attention to your offer, organize group training outside when the weather allows or set up a running club. You can also engage your peers on weekends. This is a perfect fit if you are active all the time, but also to earn a little bit, stay motivated and network.

10. Help with the studies.

If you are particularly good at the study with your classmates coming up to you and asking for help, why not advertise your service as a tutor? Help fellow student to understand the material better. As they say, when you teach you also learn in a way you’ve never thought before.

Some business ideas for college students will simply stay at your college ventures while others can be further developed into a ready-made business. You can either proceed to develop your company or sell as you feel that your contribution is coming to an end. If you have a perfect idea that requires a bit more than low cost, you can either search for sponsorship or try Kickstarter.

The overall advice to keep it low maintenance at the beginning, but if you have a gut feeling about a good idea then go for it. The entrepreneurship in iGen is natural. With the ability to monetize ideas through social media there is no one better at this than young people today.