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Smart Strategies For Succeeding As An Entrepreneurial MBA Holder


When you start up a business, you have to have the entire vision mapped out. Entrepreneurs need to know how to meet their goals and beyond in order to create noteworthy companies. To that purpose, having an MBA can be exceedingly helpful.  In the business world, good ideas are just not enough. That is why experts suggest that budding entrepreneurs go to school and find mentors.

Whether you plan to start large or small, there are various methods and means of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

The College Plan.

Although statistics show that fewer people are enrolling in college, many career paths still promote getting online MBA degrees and the like. You can’t become an RPN without a college degree, and good luck becoming an electrical engineer without getting a bachelors. Becoming an entrepreneur without a college education is basically just putting yourself at a marked disadvantage. You might have more trouble getting people to want to invest in your company, simply because you don’t know all of the industry lingo. Cost should not be your main concern as you could even win a full online MBA scholarship and avoid taking out any student loans whatsoever. So, if college is in your future, create a plan.

Going Under the Wing of a Mentor.

There is more than likely someone in your life who would make a fine mentor. If you have any aunts or uncles who own small home-based businesses, you can learn everything there is to know about a sole proprietorship before getting accepted into a top ranked online MBA program. You could find a mentor in your neighborhood, or run into someone who offers you helpful advice while attending a formal dinner party. When you locate a good candidate for a mentor, feel things out for a while before asking. That person many have obligations right now that would prevent them from being available. In addition, you want to ensure that whoever you ask to mentor you feels like the relationship is balanced. Mentorships are less formal, but they can also last for a lifetime. Your mentor can be your best friend, a former employer, or someone from across the world. What you get out of a mentorship is knowledge while your mentor gets the benefit of helping someone who is truly grateful to receive all their help.

Apprenticing and Internships.

Working as an apprentice and participating in internships has served many budding entrepreneurs well. Within an apprenticeship, you learn a trade in exchange for supplying labor at a reduced rate. For example, plumbers regularly participate in internships for years before they either start their own companies or get hired on as full-time employees. During the course of an internship, which are mainly completely during and after college, you work for an established company while gaining valuable job experience. Some internships are more eventful than others. In the beginning, you might just be tasked with getting coffee and making copies. By the end, you should know whether or not you have a future with the company you interned at. No matter what, a letter of recommendation and great on the job experience is something that you can take to future job interviews as well as when forming your own companies.

Heading and Founding a Company.

Being able to create a new business isn’t as easy as those with a lot of experience make it look. When you have recently gotten out of business school and you are still figuring out what to, just trying to figure out the best way to structure a company is immeasurably hard. Starting a new business requires getting licensing. You have to get insurance and certificates. What will your new company be called and how will it be structured? Then, there is the huge task of writing a business plan and looking for funding. Yet if you can found a company, you will be doing better than a large number of those running around and calling themselves entrepreneurs. Another of the online MBA benefits that college graduates get is learning how to prioritize. Knowing when you should work on the social media presence of your new company versus sending out press releases is of critical importance, and this is a skill that you can pick up fast by graduating from business school.

Going for Gusto.

You can’t afford to do things unenthusiastically if you are going to be a successful entrepreneur. If you aren’t completely sold on the business you are heading, you are pretty much admitting defeat in advance. Of course, it is okay to have doubts and get very nervous before doing something new. At the end of the day, if you are a determined business person, you have worked hard on your project, and have supporting market research available, you can at the very least get things off the ground. Never be afraid to ask for help, restructure your business, go for another round of funding, or partner with other more experienced entrepreneurs. People take notice of go-getters. So, there isn’t a better way to promote your company than by shooting for the stars.

You really need to take every advantage that is offered to you if you are going to be an entrepreneur. If that means you have to move to a major city, miles away, or take an internship that requires you to get up at 5am, you should be prepared to do it with a smile. Entrepreneurs are the only people in the world who get to call all the shots, so it can be quite easy to forget that they didn’t just fall into their fortunate positions. Before the world learned their names, they were working as baristas to help pay for school or stay-at-home-moms who had a determined vision. You can become a successful entrepreneur by applying these smart strategies. Also, be open to changing things up when plans don’t go as expected. The main skill that every single entrepreneur has is the ability to adapt to change and not let past failures hold them back from anything.


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