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6 Ways To Display Your Startup Logo To Customers


A strong brand identity can help attract curious customers. With high levels of competition online and offline, it can be hard to get customers to notice your logo. For the marketing manager of a startup, it’s a struggle to make your logo stand out. Usually, the placement of the logo creates the problem rather than the actual logo itself. Customers can’t pay attention to your logo if they can’t see it.

To get your logo in front of customer’s eyes, use following ways to display your company logo.

Food And Drinks.

If you’re company specializes in the food and beverage business, your customers can enjoy edible logos. Modern baking techniques and edible inks make it easy to stamp a logo on pastry or other foodstuffs. To customers, this sort of personalization can be surprising and clever. If your company’s going to a trade show, another option is to hire a barista able to make the logo in the foam of a cup of coffee. In both cases, you can provide a practical service, offering food and caffeine, while you spread your logo. Get creative with your food and drink offerings to display your logo prominently.

Photobooth Backdrops.

Logo photobooths can spread your logo on social media. These booths allow customers to take pictures with friends and upload them to their social media. It’s a great activity for events or trade shows. Not only can the booth be covered by your logo, the photos it takes can include the logo too. Every photo uploaded can include your logo along with happy customer faces. A highly used photobooth can increase your social media presence organically.

Tote Bags.

Out of the many promotional items your company can offer, tote bags with your logo would be highly effective. A tote bag has a long life of use compared to other promotional items. With limitations in most states on single use shopping bags, many customers want good quality tote bags to replace them. A tote bag also has space for a big, eye-catching logo on it. Good quality tote bags will continue to advertise your company for years after you hand them out.

Stationery Items.

Every interaction with a customer should be an opportunity to display your logo on business stationery. You can easily order customized stationery like letterheads, pens or notepads. These items will display the logo to anyone in the office or storefront. Additionally, you can show off your logo on mailing stationery like custom labels and A7 envelopes. These essential items will put your logo in front of customers, tying together your overall branding identity.


Branded stickers are a versatile way to spread your logo all over. Logo stickers form the backbone of any solid guerilla marketing campaign. Hand them over to your customers and let them stick them anywhere. This will attract new customers as people start to see them in surprising places. The sticker might even go viral and produce plenty of free publicity for your company. This is one of the more creative ways to market your startup. A sticker campaign can make your logo look modern and innovative.

Vehicle Wraps.

If your company has a bright, simple logo, it could look good as a vehicle wrap. Vehicle wraps are a great way for companies who own vehicles to get their logo out there. Your logo can go all over a city in a day. Vehicle wraps also display your logo to large numbers of people in a geographic area since the vehicle is so often in motion. Vehicles wrapping is also far cheaper than buying your own billboard. This makes vehicle wrapping an effective way to spread your logo, using your own vehicles.

Getting a logo to the customer can be a challenge. With so many logos all over, you’ll need to find some way to stand out. Placing your logo in these locations will help it get noticed. Put the logo on food and drink to give your customer an interesting experience. Use a branded photobooth to spread the logo over social media. Place the logo on promotional tote bags for years of circulation. Of course, you should display it on all business stationery items too. Next, try to distribute logo stickers to cause a viral sensation. Use your logo on a vehicle wrap to turn your work cars into a mobile billboard. Any of these options will turn your logo into an instant crowd pleaser.


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