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How Nils Grossberg Fueled His Mission Of Community Service Through Dagcoin


Dagcoin is a new name in the cryptocurrency sector. Developed by the software company Dagcoin which is founded by Nils Grossberg, Dagcoin cryptocurrency is entirely based on Nils’ vision to serve the community. According to Nils Grossberg, cryptocurrency must not be considered merely as an investment option. Cryptocurrency is not something that you buy and hold, waiting for its price to rise and selling it thereafter. In fact, Nils wants people to accept cryptocurrency as a preferable mode of payment in their daily financial transactions.

Nils Grossberg is well known for his inclination towards interpersonal communication. According to him, children develop as better adults if they learn the art of interpersonal communication. Hence, he stresses on educational institutions including the subject of interpersonal communication much before in the syllabi as compared to the spot it’s being introduced now. Besides this, he participates and gets involved in various community service activities. Dagcoin, as mentioned in the beginning, can be, undoubtedly, termed as Nils’ way to serve the part of the community who don’t have access to centrally managed banking services. In fact, Dagcoin falls so high on the usability and comfort factor that it can be easily adopted by such sections of the community. This way, they will acquire the convenience and power of doing their financial transactions online.

Moreover, Dagcoin is not based on the traditional blockchain. Instead, it is based on what the developers call as DAG-chain. DAG-chain has completely terminated the role of external miners in the transaction confirmation process. In fact, a transaction performed with a DAG-chain based cryptocurrency gets confirmed by the transaction done prior to it. As an upshot of this, the transaction confirmation time, in case of Dagcoin, is drastically less as compared to the traditional blockchain based cryptocurrencies and the same will become even better as the number of users of Dagcoin increase making the cryptocurrency scalable.

Also, the processing power required to maintain a DAG-chain is significantly less as compared to what is required for maintaining the blockchain. Therefore, the transaction costs are also drastically low in case of Dagcoin. A Dagcoin transaction currently costs around 0.0005 USD which, it is needless to say, is drastically lower as compared to what a transaction done in Bitcoins costs.

From the above factors, it can be effortlessly and easily inferred that Dagcoin is a much better cryptocurrency than all blockchain based cryptocurrencies. Dagcoin has got an entire ecosystem around it including the Dagpay payment solution, Merchant Finder, SwipeX, and DagWallet which makes the adoption of the cryptocurrency much easier. As of now, the user base of Dagcoin is on an upward trend and is growing with each passing day. The convenience and usability which comes with Dagcoin is unparalleled and unrivalled by any traditional blockchain based cryptocurrency. The future of Dagcoin seems to be extremely bright as we can see that it has got the power and the potential to render blockchain technology obsolete.