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What Are Reputation Management Services?


In the past, a business’ reputation was formed through word of mouth communication and referrals. But in today’s digital age, reputation is deeply rooted in online reviews, Google searches, and mentions on social media. With so many consumers making their purchasing decisions online, the health and state of your business’ reputation can make or break your success.

By working to cultivate and maintain a positive reputation, you can remain competitive in your industry. As a business owner, you likely don’t have the time or experience to thoroughly manage your company’s reputation. Thankfully there are professional reputation management services that can get the job done right.

Keep reading to learn how these services and how they can assist your company.

Why Your Company’s Reputation Matters.

Think your company’s online reputation doesn’t matter? Think again! In 2017, around 1.66 billion people purchased goods online. Out of the billions of people who made an online purchase, around 88% of them read online reviews before making their purchase decision. Knowing what customers are saying about your company online can have a huge impact on your lead and conversion numbers, which ultimately impact sales and revenue.

But what is reputation management? Reputation management involves monitoring, growing, managing, and influencing what is being said about your brand online. But, in the age of review websites, social media platforms, and consumer forums, it’s more challenging than ever to maintain a positive reputation.

Because your company’s reputation is shaped by consumer feedback, it’s more important than ever to actively monitor and maintain your online reputation. This means responding to reviews and engaging with customers.

Signs Your Reputation Needs Some Repair.

If you’ve never Google’d your company, there’s no better time than now. Take some time to see what people are saying about your brand. Chances are you’ll come across reviews on Yelp and Google Reviews. If you’re lucky enough, your brand may also be featured in a blog post or video content.

So how do you know if your company’s reputation needs to be repaired? Telltale signs include:

  • Several negative reviews
  • A loss of sales
  • Decrease in leads and conversions
  • Lowered website traffic

The sooner you realize that your company’s reputation needs a boost, the better. By hiring a firm to provide reputation management services, you can shed a more positive light on your company in the digital realm.

How to Choose the Right Services.

It’s no surprise that there are plenty of reputation management companies to choose from, but since these services can be costly, you want to take the time to thoroughly research all of the available options. Before choosing a firm that offers reputation management services, take the time to compare online reputation services on sites like Digital Exits so that you can choose the firm that meets your budget and business needs.

You’ll want to consider many factors aside from money, including time in business, location, and any industry expertise. The right reputation management company will drastically improve your company’s online reputation, ensuring that your brand is seen as a worthwhile business.

Benefits of Reputation Management Services.

You can’t build a positive reputation overnight which means it’s best to take a proactive approach. In fact, it can take years to grow a healthy online reputation, but sadly it can take just a few minutes and a couple of bad negative reviews to undo all of that work. But as a business owner, you likely don’t have the time or knowledge to keep up with your online reputation.

With the right reputation management services, you’ll have a team of professionals that are in charge of managing and controlling your company’s online reputation as a full-time job. These services involve thorough research to see what customers are saying about your brand and company name, both good and bad.

Once there’s a clear understanding of where your company stands, a strategy is drafted to displace negative reviews and to replace these with positive and newsworthy customer-created content that is more appealing.

Aside from maintaining your company’s online reputation and strategizing ways to minimize the visibility of negative reviews, reputation management services are also beneficial in that they:

  • Can help during a reputation crisis
  • Allow you and your employees to focus on other business tasks
  • Continuous monitoring

With the right reputation management firm, you’re likely to experience an increase in leads and conversions. The more positive things customers read about your company, the more likely they are to make a purchase


Your company’s online reputation can make or break your success. Poor reviews and negative social media posts can ultimately convince a prospective customer to not make a purchase. By taking charge of your company’s online reputation with reputation management services, you can remain competitive and become an authoritative name in your field.