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How Top-Industry Leaders Achieve Success By Finding Inspiration Where Others Don’t Look


Inspiration can be found nearly anywhere. Many people focus on the individuals who have built a mega company from a concept they came up with in their garage, but there are more success stories out there than Steve Jobs’ and Steve Wozniak’s.

For unique sources of inspiration, start looking outside of the limelight.

Look for Inspiration Where Others Don’t.

We all like a good underdog story. A single mother who worked her way through college and started her own business. A young boy who grew up in poverty but then went on to become a multi-millionaire. It’s these stories that get publicized and then discussed over and over in the news, our textbooks and on social media.

Best-selling author Joshua Cooper Ramo finds inspiration in people who take advantage of difficulties in life, rather than crack under pressure. He is inspired by people who can get themselves out of troubling situations, and find ways to achieve success through those challenges. Ramo believes that people focus on the wrong aspects of life to solve their problems. Looking in areas most people don’t search for inspiration can help individuals achieve greater success in life.

Journalist Malcolm Gladwell is another example of a successful individual who looks for success where most people don’t by examining social outliers. He writes about different social groups, cultural norms and focuses on the manner in which laypeople versus scholars view the world. Gladwell is inspired by the success others achieve in spite of where they’re from or how they were raised.

Author Richard Carlson is yet another example of finding success where most people fail to look for it. Carlson, best known for his book, “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” looks for ways people can achieve success by eliminating stresses in their life (the small stuff). His primary focus was to show that it’s not worth getting worked up over stresses in life because, ultimately, everything works its way out. By forcing people to rethink the way their minds work, and looking for success in the small things, he teaches readers it’s possible to achieve minor successes on a daily basis and to focus on being present in your life.

Find Inspiration in Habit, Rather than Action.

Another area to look for inspiration is by habit, rather than simply looking at how people act. Successful people act in a certain way and carry themselves professionally. But, they also share everyday habits that people who aren’t successful, typically don’t share. Adopting a positive attitude, a positive outlook and gratitude for whatever life throws your way, are habits people who succeed share. By focusing on the good, and maintaining positive habits in life, success is going to follow. Actions speak louder than words, but often, positive habits lead to those positive actions successful people take.

Look at the Unusual Stories/Sources, to Help Guide Success and Growth.

In contrast with the other thought leaders mentioned earlier, Dan Ariely is an excellent mind inspired by dishonesty, rather than people with honest habits and traits, which led to success. We typically look at those who are honest, work hard, and put in the effort to achieve success. But, by looking at people who are dishonest, cheat their way to the top, and do the wrong things, there’s also plenty to learn. It teaches you what you don’t want to be, and what you should avoid, if you’re going to make it to the top and stay there. By focusing on the bad in others, you find ways to bring out honesty in yourself.

Make Use of all Sources to Help you Become an Industry Leader.

It’s important to look at what people do right to achieve success. But, looking at what people do incorrectly can help you grow as well. Taking an integrative approach and having an open mind to look for success through all avenues will ultimately help you achieve what you want to achieve and allow you to become a highly influential person in your own right.


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