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Splurge Or Save: How To Choose Between The Two


Business is always about balancing between expenses and income. You want to invest the correct amount of money to have a smooth business operation and to generate income; at the same time, you also want to save money on the investments you make – and the expenses you pay – while maximizing operational revenue.

For many startups and new companies, finding that balance isn’t always easy. The decision to invest more or to pursue a potential saving can actually influence the business by a substantial amount. That is why we are going to discuss the best times to splurge and invest, and when you can actually save more and maximize your profits.

Long-Term Cost.

One of the factors to consider when trying to decide the right investment to make is the long-term cost associated with that investment. It is always tempting to go with the most affordable production machine or the cheapest materials but going this route could lead to spending more in the long run.

When constructing a manufacturing line, for instance, you want a line that is reliable and can handle the production requirements you have. This often means spending more at the beginning to save in the long run.

There are also items that give you the perfect balance between reliability and affordability. If you’re in engineering, parts like Maxon valves, for example, are notoriously reliable, allowing you to maintain smooth production operations for longer, all while keeping the initial investment and long-term cost at an acceptable level.

The Best Assets.

Growth is another thing to take into account when trying to decide whether to invest more or to save. If the investment affects the growth of the company in a positive way, splurging a little isn’t a harmful thing to do. Investing in people, which is the business’s biggest asset, is a good example of this approach.

When you invest more in your people, you are giving them the opportunity to grow alongside the company. You will end up with loyal employees that really thrive in their work environment. This will benefit the company substantially, since productive (and capable) employees can easily boost your bottom line.

The same can be said for other assets. Upgrading to a new, more valuable machine could lead to seconds being shaved off of your production time. That reduction leads to more products being produced or a substantial improvement in production quality, making the new machine a valuable investment to make.


At the end of the day, value is the main factor to review before making a decision between saving and splurging. You want to invest in things that add value to the company and its operations. Why spend $10,000 more when you can get the same benefits while saving the money? Why move to a fancy office and spend more when the current one is comfortable enough for the whole team?

As you review these factors – cost, value, influence on operations, and other aspects affected by the investment – choosing the right amount to allocate gets easier. You will know the right investments to make based on the benefits those investments bring to the tab.

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