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From Idea To Startup – Starting A Profitable Business During College


Launching your very own business during college can be quite tricky, but making your own money and being completely independent of such a young age is something you can be very proud of. In order to manage to launch your own business, you have to come up with an idea that was not previously taken by someone else. Unicity and individualism are difficult to cultivate, but if you give yourself time and you get fully involved into the process, you will polish your dusty idea until it becomes a true diamond. The road to success is a bumpy one – it’s full of ups and downs that will lift you up and let you down in the most unexpected moments. Handling both college and the responsibilities that a business comes with can be exhausting if you don’t manage your time and resources correctly.

This article is meant to help you with that and demonstrate that transforming your idea into a startup is not impossible. You will learn more about how to make lots of money while still achieving good grades, how to expand your new business and take advantage of each opportunity that comes your way. The secret is keeping yourself motivated to obtain everything you dream of, and the final outcome will definitely exceed your current expectations. Give this journey a shot and your life might be changed in an instant.

The rules you should follow to launch your own business as a student.

The idea itself won’t turn into profit if you don’t work hard. Of course, the idea has to be well-thought beforehand in order to become something great, but your efforts represent the fuel of the whole action. Here are the conditions for starting a successful business at a young age:

  • Don’t pursue the idea just for the sake of money.

When you have an idea for a startup, it shouldn’t be oriented towards money-making. As long as your idea doesn’t come from passion, it might not work as well as you expected. Launching a business is all about seeing yourself working with pleasure each day. Your idea and the visualization of it should be your comfort during the dark times of being an entrepreneur. You are going to encounter days when you might think the business is not worth all the trouble and an idea coming from passion will be your motivator to keep going.

  • Keep it simple.

Big ideas are transformed in time, from small ones. You can’t simply come up with a big idea from the very beginning, so don’t try to complicate things too much. All great businesses were born with simple ideas that later became big. Your startup should be based on simple facts that you know will work for sure. Rely on that at first and worry about complications later.

  • Know your potential customers.

Are you thinking about a customer archetype that would be in need of what you are offering through your startup? Then focus on that entirely. Knowing the customers that might be interested in your services and products is the first step towards success. Consider your personal needs first and see if they apply to other people too. Your startup should be useful for a small sector of the society and highly appreciated by it. You’ll expand it in the future.

Personality traits to keep an eye on.

In order to be able to transform your idea into a real startup that involves responsibilities and tasks, you have to cultivate some traits. Considering that you’ll have to deal with college and exams too, the first trait you should consider is strength. Once you’re sure you are strong enough to face all the challenges, keep an eye on these too:

  • Positivity.

Thinking positive and believing that there is always a positive outcome will keep you going. If you embrace negative thoughts and think about the potential failure and disadvantages of owning a business each and every day, you’ll start to develop a fear of taking risks. Without taking risks, you won’t get anywhere. Focus your mind on the positive side of the story.

  • Honesty.

Being honest is a condition for becoming a good entrepreneur. Be honest with yourself first and don’t try to convince you of facts that cannot come true. Be honest with others so that you establish connections with people who can help you. Be honest with your employees to gain their loyalty from the start. This way, you will have a team that you can fully trust, regardless of what’s going to happen and what issues you encounter.

  • Communication.

Lack of communication is a big issue that you can avoid by simply learning how to speak your mind and how to listen to others. If you don’t share your ideas and learn how to receive feedback, you won’t be able to progress. Networking is very important for any entrepreneur and you should take advantage of the fact that you are still a student. Make yourself heard whenever you have the chance. In addition, a clear vision statement might attract investors and you can bring your business on the right path quicker than you expected.

Opportunities that you need to take advantage of.

Because you are still a student, you can take advantage of this position and get the free/reduced services. For instance, if you need a car for your business, you can opt for insurance plans for college students and pay less at the end of the month. Think smart and take the opportunities that are rightly yours. Get informed about the benefits you have as a college student and apply them when running your startup. Managing finances can be quite complicated while paying your college taxes too.

Until your business starts to become productive, try to reduce your spending as much as you can. If you respect all the tips you found in this article and consider it an opportunity to learn more about startups, you are already one step further to achieving your goals.