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Top 5 Essential Tech Gadgets For Business Enterprises


Are you a young entrepreneur with an awe-inspiring business idea looking for the coolest and most productive tech gadgets for your new startup? Business gadgets are pivotal for the continued growth and success of your burgeoning enterprise. From simple tools like wireless Bluetooth headsets to more high-end gadgets like Artificial Intelligence (AI) based equipment can help step up your brand value significantly.

I suggest all entrepreneurs must have the following five tech gadgets to run their business successfully. Let’s take a look:

1. Wireless Bluetooth headphones.

Do you love some cognitive bliss before you head off to work? Want to multitask effectively like take calls while you’re using your MacBook at the office checking options for your firm’s interior decor or searching for sources to better fund your startup? Wireless Bluetooth headphones are just the right accessory to provide you with convenience and room for productivity, especially when you’re on a busy schedule.

There many options for you to explore with headphones to earbuds, wireless to wired ones or even headphones used by professionals. You may want to look for the best headphone with the ergonomic to help you to get the best little nap during your work break as well. You can go for the top brands like the Apple earpods or any best seller on Amazon, really.

2. WiFi printer with cloud capabilities.

Cloud is the trending technology of this era, so it only makes sense that you have devices like printers equipped with this capability. Printers are mandatory in the daily activities and operations of any business, so I’d suggest you buy a top quality Printer that includes a variety of cloud features. This provides entrepreneurs with the flexibility to perform tasks like mass-printing and storage, wireless printing, and creating shipping labels, photo quality brochures and graphics-rich presentations with ease. For more details on cloud printing, you should check Google Cloud Print.

3. Wireless Router.

No business is complete without networking and contrary to the conventional wired routers or switches used for LANs & WANs, modern times call for more state of the art business equipment for connectivity. Take an example of wireless routers like Thompson routers that are popular in the UK and other top brands that have been crafted exclusively for businesses. A good wireless router comes equipped with a plethora of features like security, remote access, information encryption, and fast processing power including dual or even triple-band connectivity. Make sure you through the specs carefully before zeroing on any specific brand.

4. Portable Charger.

A portable charger comes handy if you’re on a business tour or on the road for a vacation to one of the top tourist destinations listed on Oliver’s Travels. This will come handy when your notepad or smartphone runs out of battery and you need to post an FB update or make a video call to a client. Take your pick from one of the top power banks listed on Tech Radar or PCWorld and save yourself the hassle of running late for an important call or video conference session.

5. Conference Cam.

Entrepreneurs have to usually participate in online meetups, video conferencing and webinars to interact with different stakeholders. Choose a good conferencing cam that comes packed with a nice pixel measurement, streaming ability, and high video quality to enhance the overall VC experience and benefit from seamless communication capabilities. Whether you want to discuss a business proposal with a stakeholder or present your latest offering to a client, you need a good cam that supports high quality streaming like the Logitech C922 Pro Stream or Razor Kio to make an outstanding impression.


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