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Are Your Inbound Call Volumes Bad?


Considering that it is five times more expensive to attract than retain customers, according to Invespcro.com, it is the dream of every company to experience high rates of positive inbound calls. This not only means that they can convert more leads into loyal customers but also that their marketing strategies are actually working. However, an excessive influx of inbound calls can end up being bad for your business.

While you fight your way to serving every customer with their gratification in mind, the chances are that you might neglect some of them through long call hold periods. In the process, some of them will cut the cord with your business and maybe switch to the competition. In case the increased inbound call rates have been spawn by unworthy aspects, finding out the issue will help to get your call center back on track.

Here are four potential reasons for the high call volumes:

Someone Isn’t Doing Their Work Right.

Sometimes, the spike in inbound calls might rise from an underperforming department. When there is a backlog of services that spans back to weeks ago, then customers will typically call to have their issues sorted out. While sometimes this issue can arise from the neglect of your staff, other times it might be poor management.

The former issue will need you to evaluate your staff’s ability to perform their duties. On the other hand, the latter will call for using technology like call intelligence and CRM to manage customer information and collect data. For cases where you might be understaffed, consider outsourcing your inbound calls to an inbound calling center for optimal customer gratification.

Customers Are Asking Basic Questions.

In case customers are calling to ask basic questions such as the location of your business and your business hours, then something is amiss with your website’s design. What’s even worse about this situation is that you might actually be letting more potential customers slip through your fingers than the ones who actually call you out of frustration.

An ideal website should offer customers an easy time and self-service in that they can easily learn about the basic concepts of your business. Your call center can achieve more while addressing customers with the intent to buy than those only looking to get the basic details of your business. Pay attention to the questions asked and adjust your website’s design accordingly.

You Have Limited Contact Options.

In case your phone number is the only contact detail provided on your website, then high inbound call volumes are imminent. Customers will call to ask diverse queries – from the simplest to the most complex questions. Finding a way to handle the simple queries will save you more time to work with high-intent customers.

Consider adding other contact details such as your email, open forums or even a link to a Facebook chat to handle such issues. Alternatively, you can walk the AI path and use chatbots to provide customers with text-based answers to their questions. While the chatbots have evolved to answer some of the most complex questions that lead to a sale, you can leverage a system where customers’ issues can be forwarded to your call center for a more personalized approach, according to Forbes.

You Used Bad Copy on your PPC Ads.

PPC ads are a gold mine when it comes to generating leads, as noted by a Business article. However, designing them wrong will increase your unworthy call rates. For instance, poor description of the services you offer will send the wrong traffic to your website, not to mention attract bad calls. Be clear on the intent of your ad when designing it. This will help avoid you unintended customers from calling your company.


The flip side of the high inbound call volumes is that they can spawn from healthy reasons which means you need to take advantage of such situations. Find ways to handle these calls. In case the increase in call volumes persists, recruiting extra call officers or outsourcing the duty could be a lifesaver for your business.