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[ADV] How Businesses Are Improving Customer Service With Lyft


Exceptional customer service is what sets businesses apart from the competition. After all, happy customers are more likely to become repeat customers and share their good experiences with friends.

One unique way businesses are improving their customer service is through Lyft’s ridesharing services.

Here’s how:

1. Arranging Drop-Offs and Pick-Ups.

Automotive repair shops and dealerships are leveraging Lyft Concierge to arrange rides for customers. The platform allows small businesses to arrange pick-ups and drop-offs with a few clicks of a button. Lyft Concierge minimizes wait times and ensures that customers can get where they need to go.

New riders can get a discount on rides, which can help some businesses save money.

2. Helping Diners and Employees Get to Their Destination.

Many restaurants are now offering a free ride home – through Lyft – if dining groups spends a specified dollar amount. Some high-end establishments will arrange rides to and from nearby hotels.

Restaurants and bars also use Lyft Concierge to ensure that employees who work late – after public transportation has stopped running for the day – get home safely.

3. Transporting Guests.

Hotels use Lyft to ensure that guests get to and from the airport or another specified destination quickly and seamlessly. Hotels can use Lyft Concierge to request and schedule rides hours or days in advance.

The system will even send text messages to guests with all of the details about their ride and a notification when the driver arrives. Securing reliable transportation to and from airports can be a challenge for hotel guests. Offering this service makes everyone’s lives easier.

4. Getting Patients to Appointments.

Healthcare facilities are facing a major challenge: ensuring that patients arrive to the appointments on time. The most common reason patients miss appointments is lack of transportation.

Lyft Concierge can be used to arrange pick-ups and drop-offs for patients at healthcare facilities.

5. Transporting Event Attendees.

Businesses hosting events can leverage Lyft’s services to arrange for attendees to get to and from the event. Lyft’s services can even be used to replace the conventional shuttle arrangement.

The on-demand nature of the Lyft platform gives attendees peace of mind that they’ll get where they need to go without having to deal with long wait times or jumping through hoops.

6. Ensuring Residents Get to Their Destinations.

Lyft recently struck a deal with Brookdale Senior Living that makes it easy for residents to book rides. Residents can book rides – either pre-scheduled or on-demand – through a concierge in the community. No apps or smartphones are required for residents to use the service.

The rides will be billed directly to the senior’s rooms, so there’s no need to give out credit card information.

The simple, convenient service ensures that residents get where they need to go without having to rely on busy friends and family.

Similar services will undoubtedly be launched in other communities.

Exceptional customer service should be a top priority for all businesses – big and small. Lyft’s Concierge platform gives businesses a new way to improve their service and offer memorable perks to customers and clients.