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[ADV] How To Migrate From Magento To Shopify


If you have an eCommerce store, then you do not want to be involved in totally migrating your website to some other platform. This is much work, and it will also impact your sales.

Continue reading on to find out some ways that might help you in Migrating from Magento.

Evaluate solutions present.

You can consider contacting Shopify and ask them about solutions that are available and if they can handle what you want. You can list the things you require on your website that will make you successful. You can ask Shopify these questions. Shopify can actually suggest some apps that can help you out.

You can also talk to other representatives from BigCommerce, Magento, DemandWare, Mozu, as well as LemonStand. Ask these representatives the same questions. It is important that you focus much on this because when you select a platform, it is tough to alter this again.

Find the correct development team.

You can ask Shopify for some teams that can help you out. You can ask some local firms also to help you out. You need to consider some things. This includes what exposure they have to the Shopify setup along with API. If they have this experience, then this will actually determine how fast they will work on your site. For those teams that are only learning Shopify setup still, they can take much time.

Also look at the payment plan they have. Cost, as well as payment terms, can actually make a huge difference when it comes to cash flow.

You also need to find a team to whom you are comfortable functioning with. This is due to the reason that you will be spending much time with them. Therefore, you want a team that you will like to work with.

Have reasonable goals.

You should set goals that are reasonable. Do not be too overly optimistic. Also, make sure that the goals are conforming to the statement of work you have. Set a reasonable time span for how long it will take the site to become live. Remember that many hours will be taken by everyone to complete the task at hand.

Remember that Shopify may not be able to handle you.

Some companies experience the issue that Shopify cannot handle them. It may even quit functioning while the import is occurring. You should keep this in mind before the migration.

Some tools you can use.

You can use some tools along with apps which can help you out.

Asana – Tasks can be handled internally amongst different departments with the aid of this app. Critical discussions can also occur with developers. People tasks can also be assigned, and you can also add some due date, as well as a due time. Subtasks can be assigned as sometimes there are some things which have to occur before finishing any task.

Slack – You can use this chat application. It can be employed to communicate critical site problems with your developers. You can also share GIFs at the time that you get impressed with how your website is progressing.

Zendesk (Shopify App) – Zendesk can be used to organize important tasks. This app can help you to assign individuals to do important tasks. You can also find some quick responses that can be employed for some frequently asked questions. Customer service requests can be used for this.

Zopim (Shopify App) – When it comes to Zopim chat that integrates properly with Zendesk. Therefore, you can develop support tickets and that directly from chat sessions that you have. Live chat can help with the success of a new website. You may have many customers who do not like your new site as they are used to the old one that you have. This may include the old navigation, the old checkout flow, and more. Some people do not want change. Therefore, you need to be able to aid them in navigating the site.

Magento migration is not an easy task, no matter what platform you want to migrate to. You can try out some of the above if you wish to migrate from Magento to Shopify. It is crucial you do this properly so that you do not end up losing more customers.