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Saving Money On Energy Costs


Trying to save money on energy costs has never been easy but with today’s fears of global warming it has perhaps become even more difficult as although you still have the same heating requirements, you now have to ensure that you reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Although renewable energy is now available, as yet it is often still in the introduction stages and so like everything else, it is still of relatively high costs.

There is however a solution to the problem which is rapidly becoming popular and that is the installing of a heat recovery system into your home or industry buildings.

Heat Recovery System.

A heat recovery system includes a heat exchanger which takes the heat from exhaust ducts and uses that heat to reheat appropriately. This means that the system does not just recycle the heat but uses it effectively to reheat whatever is needed to be heated. The system will, for example, take in new, outside air and heat it before circulating it around a building. By the system using the heat that would have been expelled and wasted, to heat the incoming air, no or little additional cost is required, enabling a building to maintain its heat without too much expense. The system when used in industrial premises can be used to heat boilers or other apparatus which needs to be heated and yet still use the heat which would have been wasted.


One of the advantages of a heat recovery system is that it can be used in conjunction with your current heating or ventilation system, meaning that a complete replacement of the system is not needed, just improvements. In many instances, according to Exodraft, a world leader in heat recovery systems, the initial costs for modifying an existing ventilation system in order to incorporate a heat recovery system, can usually be recouped by lower energy costs within 2 years of modifications. As a heat recovery system needs minimal maintenance, those savings in energy costs can significantly benefit budgets after that 2 year period.


Of course reductions in any energy budget can be achieved when efficient and effective heating systems are used and so companies like Exodraft ensure they meet all safety precautions as stipulated in ISO 9001 whilst also ensuring their systems provide maximum efficiency, adding to the effectiveness of the system itself.


As a heat recovery system is usually an addition to an existing ventilation system, it does not have to take up a lot of space which is good as space is also high on budget expenditure. A professional heat recovery installer will ensure they use maximum advantage of any space already available, such as in ceiling voids, cupboards or any other existing wasted spaces and this too helps in keeping disruption of the modifications to a minimal. There are now several different types of heat recovery systems available and consultations with their providers will help you to establish which is best for you with your current ventilation system.

Global Warming.

Many people believe that global warming is taking place and some blame the burning of fossil fuels for this warming. In instances where a country’s government believes that to be the case, those governments are often regulating in order to reduce the carbon emissions which are said to be the cause of the problem. Whether this is true or not it does mean that in order to meet the new requirements, many industries are having to replace old existing heating or ventilation systems which can be very costly and very disruptive to production. The fitting of a heat recovery system however, often eliminates the need for such disruption and expense, affording a business the opportunity to meet the new regulations and yet maintain productivity.