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[ADV] Top 3 Reasons Shopify T-shirt Fulfillment Is An Excellent Store Strategy


Do you intend to set up an online t-shirt business? Do you have some great designs you aren’t sure of how you can create and sell custom t-shirts online? After the boom that this type of business has created, many people are trying to earn extra income by selling t-shirts and other artwork online.

However, this doesn’t mean everything about making your own t-shirts and using the Shopify t-shirt fulfillment services is easy. As with any other business, print-on-demand t-shirt business has its peculiarities, risks, and benefits too. Fortunately, Shopify offers designers an opportunity to achieve their design work financial targets. The platform integrates perfectly with print-on-demand t-shirt and gives you a perfect experience with Shopify t-shirt fulfillment with companies such as Printify.

Here are the reasons that Shopify is a perfect place to start:

1. No inventory expenses.

With the print-on-demand t-shirt business, the store owner doesn’t incur any upfront costs associated with the acquisition of inventory. This is because the entrepreneur doesn’t know the t-shirt designs they will be selling unless customer places an order.

Until a few years ago, if entrepreneurs wanted to design and sell custom t-shirts, they had to acquire hundreds if not thousands of t-shirts in a variety of colors and sizes. This made it difficult and expensive to iterate on t-shirt designs that resonate with your clients. However, print-on-demand store strategy has made the entire process of creating and selling custom t-shirts online a breeze for everyone.

2. Iterate easily.

The Shopify t-shirt fulfillment (print-on-demand) store strategy allows designers to create hundreds of unique t-shirts. That allows you to test various designs and find out which designs iterate most with your target customers. This store concept eliminates guesswork from your business strategies and enhances the chances of success.

3. Less or no cash flow problems.

In the old days before print-on-demand strategy, there was a significant delay between the payments to the supplier, receiving the shipped product, and selling to the target customers. Even if your t-shirts or other forms of artwork is a smashing success, the delay in the entire process negatively impacts your ability to re-invest. That means it was difficult for you to re-stock and double down on marketing and other issues you needed to address to grow your business.

The good news is that print-on-demand smooth out these cash flow challenges. Though you still have to meet a few expenses such as the Shopify’s monthly fee and the costs associated with the print-on-demand of your choice, these costs are significantly smaller than the cost of acquiring and keeping inventory.

Experts advise that you should choose the print-on-demand t-shirt company carefully. While all the companies that easily integrate with Shopify work perfectly, focus on working with a print-on-demand company that best suits your business targets. Therefore, you should define your preferred profit margins, the level of product quality, and the types of products you want to brand. In fact, your best bet is to research into all these subjects and pick a company that meets your requirements.


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