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7 Things To Keep In Mind If You Want To Improve Communication With Your Team


by John Tarr, co-founder and CEO of Off-Limits Events Ltd.

Effective communication at your workplace is your key to building healthy relationships and getting tasks done.

According to the Watson-Wyatt research, companies who cannot communicate efficiently report a 50% lesser turnover than the industry average. So, if you are one of those managers who is looking to enhance the communication with your team, then you are at the right place.

Read on as this article provides you valuable insights into things that you must keep in mind if you want to establish efficient and proper communication.

1. Establish a Foundation First.

If you want an employee to communicate freely with you, then you must earn their trust beforehand. Establish a rapport with your employee and then initiate the lines of communication. Simply by going for a lunch with your team can be really helpful in such situations.

2. Set up a Weekly or Monthly One-on-One.

One of the best ways to gain your employees’ trust and build a better relationship with them is to have an open discussion on regular intervals. Weekly one on one meetings will do wonders for your team, when communication is the concern. It is also an excellent way to share any issues or concerns with each other, without any formal pressure.

3. Listen, Like Really, Just Listen First.

You have to understand that communication is a two-way process and not just a way to get your message across. If you are not actively listening, then there is no point of communication, because it won’t work! Before responding, always remember to listen with your full attention.

4. Avoid Making Assumptions Quickly.

One of the most significant blocks in the way of communication is that people miss signals and quickly form assumptions. You have to listen properly and only after getting to know about all aspects, should you make any viewpoint or comment about any situation. Quick assumptions can easily lead to misinterpretations and misunderstandings.

5. Find Out the Other Person’s Preferred Style of Communication.

You might have noticed that some team members promptly reply to your emails while others do not find it very reassuring. Being a manager, you must seek out ways that are preferred by particular employees, when it comes to communication. If you want to enhance the exchange of information, then communicating with the other person’s preferred style (be it formal, informal, or personal) will yield the best results.

6. Use Various Tools to Enhance your Communication.

Well this is important. As technology has advanced, we have access to a variety of tools that can help us communicate effectively. You can have a social media group where you can initiate discussions on various relative topics. You can even conduct corporate events to strengthen the interpersonal relations within your teams outside the formal set up.

7. Offer Feedback & Compliments in a Thoughtful Way.

We have all been through a lousy feedback process. Moreover, most of us realise that it is something that does not yield the best results. In some cases, it might even work counterproductively. So the tip here is to focus on your behaviour while you are offering feedback. The same rule applies when you are providing a compliment. Make sure to not to make it sound as if the compliment is forced. Your appreciation has to be thoughtful and genuine, and you must also try to avoid any exaggeration.


So you must keep these things in mind if you want your team to excel at communication. I can vouch for the fact that implementing these will surely help you achieve better results and improve your overall productivity.


John Tarr is the co-founder and CEO of Off-Limits Events Ltd. Starting from a small jet ski rental in Sheffield back in 1993, John has transformed his business into a dynamic multi-event and activity company. Apart from creating bespoke events for corporates, John also helps stag and hen groups organise parties through Stagweekends.co.uk and Henweekends.co.uk.


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