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[ADV] Simple Steps To Decorate Your Office


Generally, most of our time is spent working in the office. Employers have a general expectation from the employees to be creative, productive and social. This is where design of your office comes into play.

The way your office has been designed impacts on how you feel and think. In fact, millennials do not only work for money but they expect to be happy with their workplace and the environment. Decorating your office ensures that the employees are working at their optimal rate and creating productive results.

There are countless ways to decorate office space. Nevertheless, here are some simple steps in which it can be done effectively:

1. Own the space.

Be creative and innovative with the space. Bring in some plants, picture frames, lamp or even decorative cup holders. Employees feeling that they own the space makes them more committed to the team and the work itself. Studies have suggested that it increase productivity by 30 percent. Employers must allow their employees to have freedom in what their space appears to be so they can ‘feel at home’ while working.

2. Color, lighting and shape.

Colors have a significant impact on how we perform in the office. Blue and green can help us to be more creative while red seems to be a color of vigilance, attention and detail. Lighting is one of the most important factors having direct impact on office performance. This is why it is important to select platforms like https://andlight.dk/shop/frontpage.html to choose different lighting fixtures.

Dimmer lights reflect freedom, hence being more creative while brighter workspaces are associated with analytical thinking.

3. Windows and plants.

Nature plays a very important role regarding how we work in the office. Exposure to natural plants, trees and greenery can help us increase focus and concentration on our work. It even contributes in lowering stress levels which is normal during workplaces.

It is also important to have a window fixture nearby to let fresh air in and the toxicity out. Studies have repeatedly suggested that nature soothes out mind and this is why decorating an office using a window is important.

4. Have a minimalist approach.

Spending every day on the desk makes it messy, cluttered and disorganized. This disorganization accumulates throughout and makes the workplace highly frustrating and stressful. This can deter the overall performance. This is why it is important to get rid of all the unnecessary clutter and you will realize how it makes the difference. Having an organized and clean desk can ensure high productivity and sustain a pleasant space.

5. Plan it.

It is pretty much normal that individuals are not able to decide on what they want to buy and how to decorate their office. This is why it is imperative to plan out the whole process first. Create a proper plan on how each and every aspect of the office will be addressed. From lights and paints to windows and furniture, make sure each and everything is looked over in detail.