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Building A Positive Online Profile


When it comes to the business world, the advance of technology has seen many changes over recent times. Nowhere is this more evident than the online nature of business today. This digitally driven environment is also applicable to you on a personal level as a young business professional. Many employers and customers will interact with or review your online presence before deciding on whether to hire you, for instance. This shows just why you should make getting your online profile right a key concern.

The online channels that exist in social media present a fabulous chance to further your career, grow your business, and network on a truly global scale. Even 20 years ago, this was not the case. To be successful in this, however, creating a positive impression is vital. If you can do this, you will engage and connect with more people in a way that will provide great benefits.

From bagging that next step up the career ladder to networking for success in your chosen industry, a positive online impression can help immensely. Of course, it does require a little hard work, but in essence it is not that difficult. With a little forward thinking and the right approach, it is something that all young business professionals or entrepreneurs can do.

Six fantastic ways to build a positive online profile.

If you are ready to construct your positive online profile to help in your career, then these tips should help:

Fully complete all your accounts – when it comes to social media channels, there are lots from which to choose. One great tip is to pick the most appropriate of the major ones, such as LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, to focus on. Once your accounts are created, take the time to fill in as much information as you can as this will help people get a more positive impression of you online. It will also give any potential employers or customers the chance to connect with you and feel more confident in hiring you.

Don’t over-post – how many times a week to post new content on your chosen social media channels has long been debated. It is generally thought now that three or four times per week is the right amount. This will keep your followers engaged and your accounts active without annoying anyone with too much information! Naturally, this will lead to the positive online profile for which you are aiming.

Show your personality – in the modern business age, everyone has an online profile. This means that you need to make yours stand out in the best way possible to get noticed. Showcasing your unique personality and interests is a great way to do this. Think of business professional Stan Gershengoren, who uses his Stan Gershengoren Flickr account to present his interest in photography.

Make your content interesting – to really create the right kind of online impression, you need to make sure that your content is engaging. If it is not, then you may come across as dull or with little creative spark. Always try to create content that has a point or is unique in some way, even just for the way that it uses images, for example.

Be careful what you post – when trying to build a positive online profile, posting controversial or inflammatory content is a mistake. If you have things of this nature that you wish to express, then create a separate, personal account to use instead. When building an online profile as a young entrepreneur, mistakes in this area can hold you back for many years.

Join some groups – creating an online presence is all about meeting new people. Once you have done this, the positive image that you have built can work its magic. A superb way to engage with people on most social media channels is with groups. Most will have various groups that you can join that are sector specific, from engineering to copywriting. These groups are a great way to help raise your profile awareness and also spread your popularity.

Get it right when saying hello to the world.

Today’s digital business age presents superb opportunities for you as a young business professional to interact with the world. This could be connecting with potential employers to find that dream job or interacting with potential customers to grow your business. Of course, this will only be successful if you can create a positive impression online that makes people want to engage with you. Hopefully, the above tips will help you on the road to success in this key area.

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