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Ways To Make Money From Your Website


If you have a website, you have made quite a big achievement. But it is not time to celebrate until your site starts bring in money. Consequently, you should find ways to make money off your site; and there are many ways to achieve this. More than that, you should choose a monetization scheme that is most appropriate for you or your site.

1. Pay Per Click Contextual Ad Networks.

Contextual ad programs give you one of the best ways of making money online; and when paired with Pay Per Click advertising, you can have a very reliable income source. In other words, contextual ad networks, when used in together with Pay Per Click, make the advertisements on your site more effective. And this translates into more money for you.

A contextual ad network ensures that the targeted keywords match your site’s niche. When using this site monetization technique, advertisers pay you to publish their ads on your site. Google Adsense is the best way to make money through contextual ad networks using the PPC revenue model. Other great PPC sites you can use for contextual ads include Propeller Ads, RevenueHits, and InfoLinks Ads among others.

2. CPM Advertising Networks.

CPM is short for Cost Per Miles; and it means that you get ad revenue for reaching a certain milestone. For instance, you can get payments based on every 1000 impressions the ads on your sites get. For instance, when an advert is displayed to a visitor to your site, that is counted as a single impression. A given number of these impressions will then result in a payment being due to you as the site owner.

3. Cost Per Action Networks.

As the name suggests, this revenue model requires that the visitor to your site takes a certain action in order for you to make money from the advertiser. For instance, when a retail site displays an ad on your site, you can get paid when the site visitor clicks on the ad or makes a purchase based on that ad. The action could also be something like filling out a form.

4. Affiliate Networks.

Affiliate programs, also called associate programs, are a great way to make money if you own a site. In this revenue scheme, you create a relationship with a merchant, who will pay you whenever the links he/she has put on your site leads to their site. In most cases, however, the link has to result in a purchase for you to make the affiliate revenue.

According to Kelsey J. Davis of 10 Best Reports, the best way to earn money through affiliate networks is to look for partners who deal in products that are related to the site’s subject matter. This increases the likelihood that the links on your site will result in a sale. For instance, if you have a site that talks about electronics, it would make little sense to have affiliate partners that sell nutritional supplements. Instead, retailers who deal in electronic products and accessories would ensure you get more out of your business.

5. Direct Affiliate Programs.

There is a difference between affiliate networks and direct affiliate programs. Affiliate networks are systems that link you as the affiliate marketer to the merchant; and they are offered by affiliate marketplaces. Direct affiliate programs are offered by the product vendor. Not many companies offer direct affiliate programs.

These programs have the potential for more revenue, however, the minimum payouts might be a little higher than is the case with affiliate networks. Therefore, it all depends on how much traffic your site is getting, and how long you are willing to wait before you get your payouts. Otherwise, if your site is established, and you have plenty of traffic coming through, direct affiliate programs might be a better option for you.


If you already own a site, then next logical step is to monetize it. To achieve this, you just have to choose the right revenue model. Above are some of the options at your disposal. With the above site monetization programs, you can make a steady flow of cash from your site.


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