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3 Businesses You Can Start From Home Today


If you are looking to start a new business, no longer do you have to save up and purchase a shop or warehouse. With the internet and technology becoming so popular, as well as social media, it has never been easier to start your business from home. You could always expand later and set up shops in your home town or around the country but starting your business from home is beneficial forgetting your business name out there and starting to generate an income.

Here are some of the best businesses to start from home today:

1. Event Planning.

Perhaps you already have a degree in something relevant to event planning such as public relations, hospitality or communications and event planning is something you have not considered. You may just have great organisation skills, and have always been the planner for all of the family parties and events. If it is something you love doing, perhaps it is time to start charging for it. You may only start small and making use of social media, as well as friends and family, can be key to turning this into a successful business.

2. Beauty and Hair.

Whether you are a qualified masseuse, beauty therapist, makeup artist, hairdresser or anything else under this category, you can easily start a business from home. You may want to save up for a shop, but this can take a long time, and getting your name out there and building a client base can be great before you open a shop. All you need is your own social media pages and a dedicated room in your house. The room you use needs to look professional when you have clients over. If you have a qualification in anything related to beauty and hair and you want to get the relevant supplies, unsecured business loans can help you get started.

3. Fitness.

If you have a love for fitness, there are many personal fitness training programmes out there to give you the relevant qualifications to get started. You can work from home and then build a client base.  You could either hire out a room at a gym, visit them at home, or they can come to you. This could involve anything from selling personal meal plans, exercise regimes or even selling and delivering meals to your customers’ doors to help with weight loss. A lot of personal training can be done through mobile phone contact, either through texts or social media, and many people find having a constant support is a good thing.

There are many businesses you can start from the comfort of your own home. This not only saves money, but it is a cheaper alternative of getting your name out there and getting started until you have earned enough to have your own workspace. Many entrepreneurs work from home for years and it can be a simple and effective way of starting and running a new business.


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