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Cashgold: A Hybrid Of Gold And Cryptocurrency


Gold is a universally valid, crisis-proof precious metal that can be converted into cash at any time and used worldwide as payment. However, paying with gold in modern times is difficult because you have to exchange a gold bullion or a coin into a currently-accepted currency before carrying out a transaction. Ethereum is also considered a crisis currency and is a modern means of payment which is not however backed by a material asset.

Karatgold Coin combines both investment opportunities, making this product interesting for a broad target group. If you actually wanted to buy Ethereum, the Karatgold Coin from Karatgold is a good alternative. The same is the case if you want to invest in gold, but you wish to maintain more flexibility.

What is the Karatgold Coin?

A big advantage is based on the fact that the Karatgold Coin is oriented towards the price development of gold. The value is not statically coupled to the gold rate, but only applies the daily gold rate to the Cashgold rating. Unlike investment in pure cryptocurrencies, KaratgoldCoin will be less of a pawn for speculators, giving you more advantages and more stability than you can expect with Ethereum. Each coin has a specific value of gold, which is dependent on the juxtaposition of coin value and gold weight. The value stability of the means of payment is thus guaranteed and also appeals to investors who rely largely on physical values. Most of the digital currencies are only suitable for speculation or payments accepted in a limited number of places on the Internet. Karatgold Coin can also be traded on coin exchanges, but at the same time exchanged for real currencies or gold, e.g. Cashgold.

A cryptocurrency with real value.

The new digital currency Karatgold Coin is not a pure cryptocurrency, but a real means of payment with a value in gold. This means for you as an investor that you do not speculate in virtuality, but that you can at any time pay with the coin, convert it into cash or exchange it for physical gold. The transfer of amounts is possible without cost or limit. There will be numerous points of acceptance and thus a wide distribution of the currency. Each Karatgold Coin stands for a specific gold weight, so you know at any time how your investment is developing and what value you have accrued.

The Karatgold Coin is a new and as yet unknown currency. Due to its physical value in gold, it will achieve high acceptance and appeal to many investors. You no longer have to choose between Ethereum and gold; rather, with Cashgold you can both cover any necessities as well as receive numerous benefits.