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How To Start A Business In College


College is a tough time when you’re young. You’ve got loads of different aspects of life vying for your attention, and you’re not sure which ones to grant time to and which ones to forget about. It can be hard to cherry-pick the things that deserve your focus. Obviously your studies is one of the things that you should always spare time and effort for, this is because that is why you are in college in the first place. But it’s then hard to split up your leftover time between socialising, hobbies and everything else.

Well there are some people who want to do even more than that, some students long to start a business that will see them through the rest of their college time. Crazy, right? But its understandable why some students feel like this, a lot of students feel their course isn’t challenging enough and their real desire is to start up their own independent entity, through which they can begin to make money. Do you feel you are one of these people, yet you just don’t know how exactly to go about getting started?

Well we’ve got you covered. We’re going to give you a few tips on how to start your own business whilst still in college. You can thank us when you are rolling in money and you haven’t even reached your final year!

Vintage Clothes!

Vintage clothes are a big seller in and around College’s as students like to look stylish but a bit retro at the same time. This can definitely be seen as a business opportunity by those that are savvy to it. What you can do is go around collecting pieces of vintage clothing, from your parent’s house or from charity shops around where you live. When you feel you have a sufficient amount of clothing in your possession you can start advertising it. A lot of people use social media such as Facebook and Instagram. These sites give you the opportunity to showcase the clothes in stylish pictures that you can take yourself. Post up a few posters around campus with a link to the page that you are selling the clothes from, and after a while you should see people start to take notice. As long as you have a bit of an eye for what’s fashionable, you should find that people slowly see your site as the place to go for amazing vintage clothes.

Do essays!

You know this one is good as there are fully fledged businesses built on the same system. Students everywhere struggle day after day with the work they have been set, from high school to College, there’s always a student in trouble. That is why custom writing service Paperial has popped up over the last few years. These sites offer a service that is a god send to students everywhere. Students get support and help with their custom research paper that they are struggling with, no matter what the format and subject of the work is. They get it from an expert source, and they pay for the privilege. This may all sound a very big deal, but you can run something that is similar just being yourself! Post around your campus that you are willing to help younger students out with whatever work they are struggling with (as long as it’s a subject you study). You can also post this on the College forums or College Facebook pages. You’ll find that people start to come to you with their problems. Sort out a fee with them and get to work helping students. Before long, your first customers will have told their friends, and you’ll have more and more people coming to you for help. You’ve got to be careful with this one because as soon as a student see’s a possibility for good help on their work, they will all jump at the chance!

College is a really hard time for students. But some of those that study have their eyes on other things, and that’s okay! But always make sure you spare time for your studies. Using these tips, you can start off your aspirations to run a business early by doing a number of things. Neither of them are that time consuming and they are designed to get your idea off the ground and running as soon as possible. Have a look at them and see what revelations you have!