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Agam Berry’s Six Startup Tips For Aspiring Indian Entrepreneurs


Agam Berry is an Indian entrepreneur whose expertise lies in digital marketing. He graduated from Punjab University. Berry’s passion is driving India forward as a global leader in the digital industry. He credits a great deal of his success to his negotiation skills. He has worked for more than a decade on developing this skill set and applying it to the digital world.

Recently, he has found himself attracted to the world of cryptocurrency, particularly Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Litecoin. He has advocated cryptocurrency since 2013. He has even converted people over to Bitcoin, specifically his accountant. He got his accountant to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment in 2014.

Here are six startup tips for aspiring Indian entrepreneurs looking to start their own businesses, like he did.

1. Always do your homework before you launch.

There is nothing worse than launching a business and then wondering where all your customers are. Not only should you research your industry and make sure there is a demand, you need to build an audience to serve. If you build it, they will not come-garner an audience first. Know your market and your competition well.

2. Know your finances.

Be smart with your finances. Make sure you have enough money to cover expenses until you not only break even, but make a profit. Keep track of all your operational costs. Establish business credit if you need the funds. This is an alternative to getting a business loan. As a new business, everything costs money even if it is seemingly free. Social media profiles are easy and free to establish but will cost you your time and money to promote yourself to the masses.

3. Pursue what you would do for free.

Are there questions that people tend to ask you frequently? Is there a subject matter where you’re considered an expert? Those may be areas of business that you should pursue because you are already “trusted”.

Also, consider operating a business that you love so much that you would work well “after hours” and into the night. Business is a tough sport and you cannot give up easily. You must have a genuine interest in the business you’re in because at some point you’re going to get hit in the face. If you pursue a business you love, your increased confidence will help you succeed.

4. Keep learning.

Don’t allow yourself, your business partner, or team to become complacent. It can be far too easy to think that you have acquired enough information to be successful. You must remember that we live in a changing world where the stagnant are left in the past. Your business will be perfectly positioned to adapt to emerging technologies if you continue to learn.

5. Direct marketing.

Don’t forget about the offline world. Remember that it’s a person behind the computer and participate in trade shows, conventions, and networking. Don’t forget how important face-to-face interaction is and how powerful it is to meet someone.

6. Build your brand.

Seek branding inspiration. As an entrepreneur, you’ll need to know how to constantly inspire yourself and encourage other people to act. Know what makes you tick. Surround yourself with work or illustrations that inspire you. Maximize your efforts on social media by taking advantage of advertising across multiple social media channels with a focus on mobile.

More and more people are searching for information, entertainment, and products online every year. Your prospects are searching for products and services related to your business, but are they finding you? Building your brand ensures that awareness of your offerings are continually growing.

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