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5 Great Marketing Tips For Entrepreneurs And Startups In 2018


Sales and marketing is the most important and most powerful department of any corporate or business. The whole business and revenue depends on the sales, marketing and promotion techniques adopted by the companies. It is equally significant for the startups, small businesses and large scale organizations. The soar and effective marketing efforts can boost your business and take it to the heights. The entrepreneurs and startups should need to learn where to put their efforts and how to do it right otherwise their money would be in bonfire.

Marketing does not have to be expensive to help you stand out in the market among the competitors. Knowing the business, its operating area and opportunities and staying consistent are the prerequisites.

Here are the tips to follow in 2018:

1. Emphasize on the benefit of the customer rather than comparison.

The comparison strategy may works like we are offering this better or cheaper than others but it surely does not mean you are doing something different or beneficial for the target audience. You should focus on the benefit and make a good mix of quality and price that sells better. Highlight the features of your product and tell the audience that you are doing it for them.

2. Meet the customer and listen to them.

The best way to reach out the potential customers is through tradeshows that can be conducted with the help of Trade Show Display Company. You can also go for the survey but that is not much working idea for the startups. Exhibition opportunities are best to talk to the customers and display your services. You can directly meet them, engage them, ask them and persuade them. They will also be your promoter if it goes right. The word of mouth will do the magic as the consequence.

Having a Livestream and answering all the questions of the customers is a great deal. This way you look more professional and attentive towards your audience and ultimately gain their trust. Give them a place to talk you and give their suggestions and reward them with competitive pricing.

3. Start marketing before launching.

Before the products are ready start a marketing or advertising campaign. It will give you the advance bookings and orders before the launch. Some businesses prepare the whole stock and then start marketing that is a big mistake. The earlier marketing will also bring you some ideas and comments by the public and you can customize the launch as per the trend. If no one knows you and your company it would be difficult to create demand.

The preempt awareness will increase the chances of sale as the product arrives the customers will be ready to buy it.

4. Going digital and thinking out of the box.

The dramatic expand in the marketing landscape due to the advancement of technology has provided many platforms and techniques. Check the latest trend for the digital marketing and select a social media site to promote yourself. It is not necessary to go for all the platforms in the beginning. Go for quality not quantity.

Choose one that caters your audience in the best way. Make your social media marketing campaign attractive, creative and effective with the images, videos, content marketing, polls and competitions and v-logs.

5. Measure the Marketing Results.

You are going to give your time and money to your business. It is important to make wise decision. It is really important that you can measure the results of marketing. Track the conversations and sales. Also launch some campaigns in small batches and record what works the best and compare them to launch them at large scale. It would be a fail if you cannot measure the results.

Later you can go for PR through media and press, local news and other traditional ways.