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How To Monitor Your Employees Without Insulting Them


As an employer, it is your right to monitor what your employees are doing to make sure they are earning the money that you are paying them. With a monitoring system in place, you can always make sure what they are doing. Most organizations provide their employees with devices such as laptops, tablets, and even smartphones, depending on the nature of the job. Usually, companies use surveillance cameras, monitor emails of their employees (of course, the business emails, not private) and location tracking devices to keep tabs on their employees.

That’s not it. Sometimes, a business may also need a text spying app to monitor the text messages on the company-owned smartphones. Why? Because text messages are being used more frequently than ever to close deals. Have you recently felt the need to use one for your business too? Like other small businesses, you can also use Xnspy, the business text spying app to keep monitor the business text message conversation. This is understandable since businesses need to store text messages just the way they store emails. Keeping records is now important for the purpose of e-discovery too as companies are often required to turn over the electronic communications as a part of the legal proceeding.

Since the likelihood of obtaining communications has increased, it has sparked fear among employees who have used the company-owned smartphones for anything personal. Now the question is, if you are planning to use Xnspy or any other text spying app, how to be sure that you are not invading the privacy or insulting your employees? Here is some help:

Use a reputable app.

Don’t just use any text spying app to monitor the conversations, use a reputable one. Hence why we have mentioned Xnspy. It is packed with all business surveillance features such as:

  • It shows web browsing history on the phone.
  • It lets you monitor the calls log.
  • It shows sent and received text messages on the phone.
  • It also works as GPS tracker.
  • It has a keylogger.
  • It lets you read the employee’s emails on the phone.

Apart from having a reputable app, you must also build employee trust by letting them know how it works. For instance, show them how Xnspy is installed on the phone and how it monitors all the sent and received text messages from the phone.

Do it legally.

It is curial to be aware of the privacy laws that apply to your monitoring efforts. Whether you are using a text spying app, a time clock type app or any other monitoring software, let your employees know about it explicitly. If you don’t, this could put you in legal murky waters. Don’t take a legal risk. Track only where it absolutely applies and at the same time, trust your employees. Since it is going to be hard to differentiate between personal and business communications, let your employees know they are not allowed to use the company’s phone for anything personal. If you follow the rules below, you will never breach the privacy of your employees when monitoring them:

  • Always disclose to your employees about any monitoring you are conducting.

Have a legitimate business interest in monitoring them.

Avoid favoritism.

Make sure you are consistently monitoring all members of your workforce. You must avoid favoritism at all cost. Just because you trust a certain employee, it is no justification to cut them lose. All employees should be subject to the monitoring standards. You have to consider the safety of your business. If you are accused of discrimination, this could land you and your company in hot waters.

Create a balance in monitoring.

A majority of monitoring lawsuits arise when employers use the company’s smartphones to keep an eye on the whereabouts of their employees outside the work hours. It is perfectly fine to track your employees’ location with Xnspy during the work hours. Yes, Xnspy is more than just a text spying app. It also has GPS location tracking feature that tells you the current location of the phone, the entire location history and even add geo-fencing. It’s a problem when you are monitoring your employees during the off hours.

If you are tracking the location of the phone on a Saturday to find where your employee hangs out at midnight, it’s an invasion of their privacy. It’s better to spell everything out in a legally defensible company policy on the use of company-owned devices so that you and your employees understand acceptable monitoring behavior.

Promote it the right way.

If you have decided to bring a text spying app into the workplace, take the right approach as you would never want to upset your employees. Employees will become more receptive if you let them know that the purpose of using Xnspy or any other tracking app is to enable you to keep a log of the communication with clients and to provide feedback to employees on work performance. There could be other reasons too.

Keep it simple.

If you have a small team, then it’s best to personally do all the tracking and monitoring. Whenever you have to hand over this responsibility to someone else, do not give every manager the ability track every employee who works for them. Delegate the responsibility very carefully. Lots of companies have been sued by giving access to everyone as it causes problems because all people cannot follow rules. Don’t set a sting operation by tracking your employees. Always remember why you are doing it—to set up rules and help people follow them.

Offer your employees a little incentive too.

Well, when you are telling your employees about the text spying app, they might wonder, what is in it for me? Why not give them an incentive to like this surveillance policy? Give them the opportunity to work from home once a week or a month. Allow them to travel during this time, work from a café, a co-working space or even at a beach. If you allow that, then with Xnspy, you can monitor their emails, text message communication with clients, intercept the client calls and maybe even track their location if necessary. Just make sure you don’t track them outside the business hours.

As long as you are monitoring them for legitimate business reasons, you are not insulting your employees. They will get on board with the idea of monitoring too.