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How To Enter The DasCoin Ecosystem


The interdisciplinary nature between cryptocurrency, finance and technology is evident across the board. In traditional financial services, everything operates with a centralized approach.

There are institutions such as commercial banks, retail banks and central banks that process financial transactions for stakeholders.

Bitcoin Lays the Platform for DasCoin.

The value that is now being brought to bear through technological advancement allows for wealth distribution and the sharing of these financial resources. Since everyone on the eponymous blockchain is effectively contributing to its value, everyone should share in the benefits of the new age technology. This is the thinking behind cryptocurrencies in general and DasCoin in particular.

Prior to the rise of cryptocurrency, a system of complimentary currencies was being toyed with. Then came Bitcoin. This cryptocurrency has nearly limitless possibilities in terms of the blockchain approach it brings to transactions processing. It is decentralized, unregulated, allows complete anonymity, and is not backed by bullion reserves, the USD, oil or any other commodity known to man.

Its value or lack thereof is fully dependent on its adoption by mainstream society. As the pioneer in the cryptocurrency arena (thanks to Satoshi Nakamoto – an individual or group of individuals), a new age has dawned. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies enjoyed dramatic gains in popularity in the latter half of 2017, and it is against this backdrop that new and improved cryptocurrency like DasCoin have entered the arena.

DasCoin – Secure and Compliant.

The major challenges for any cryptocurrency on the market are adoption, scalability, security, compliance, et al. DasCoin’s brains trust pondered long and hard how best to effectively tackle all these issues, and several others. Ensuring the stability of a cryptocurrency system is paramount. DasCoin was created with an eye to the future. The code that it is built upon allows for iterations to take place as needed.

The challenge in such a system is to maintain simplicity and security. Thanks to a permissioned blockchain through a community of empowerment known as NetLeaders, this cryptocurrency has found a way to survive and evolve in a dynamic system. Every node in the authenticated community is subject to KYC (know your customer) compliance.

The KYC policy is central to the functionality and performance of the DasCoin Ecosystem. The community of empowerment comprises a plethora of blockchain-based applications and services. The more connections there are on this network, the more powerful the network becomes. However much like a chain being as strong as its weakest link – every user/member on the network must be validated and authenticated. The DasCoin Ecosystem is fully protected against money laundering, thanks to AML compliance and alignment with CFT standards. DasCoin members utilize a WebWallet with a USB-style hardware device known as a Validator to protect funds within the system.

DasCoin is Different and Here’s Why.

Security, compliance, and privacy are but a handful of the reasons why DasCoin differs from other options like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Cash, Litecoin and others. Here are 5 clear differences between the way DasCoin functions and the rest of the cryptocurrency world:

1. Scalability – this new cryptocurrency has the capacity to process 100,000+ transactions every second. No amount of transactions processing will slow down the scalability of this digital currency.

2. Speed – in just 6 seconds it is possible to confirm blockchain transactions. This is true irrespective of the size of the network.

3. Ecosystem it’s not just a cryptocurrency operating in cyberspace on a blockchain network; it’s a much broader ecosystem known as the DasEcosystem. There is complete integration across the entire blockchain economy and every authenticated member/user is an integral component of the system.

4. Regulatory compliance this is where DasCoin differs from Bitcoin and others. By requiring users to provide full identity verification, compliance is assured. This is necessary since the entire cryptocurrency field will ultimately be subject to regulatory constraints. DasCoin is already there.

5. Adaptability every time there are regulatory changes, or iterations in the marketplace, the blockchain system of governance will adapt to these changes.