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6 Ways To Handle The Minutiae Of Running A Business

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of starting your own business. However, it’s important that when you begin a new leadership role, you also develop skills to manage the little things around your office. After all, big successes are built on little victories.

Fortunately, to help you stay focused on your day-to-day operations, here are six tips to keep you sharp:

1. Schedule Down to the Minute.

While some people find accounting for every minute of a work day to be nothing short of draconian, it’s actually quite beneficial to map out your plan of action before you begin your day’s work. Otherwise, you’ll likely find yourself playing catch up or else forgetting about important tasks.

2. Collaborate Constantly.

The best way to keep your finger on the pulse of your business is to stay connected with your team members. Don’t try and impose yourself on them but always be willing to help them with projects, or simply offer them a platform to vent or express concerns. Not only will this help you stay grounded, but it also allows you to work on the front lines confronting potential problems before they get out of hand.

3. Ask the Experts.

No small business owner understands everything they need to know right off the bat. That’s why it’s important to surround yourself with people who have different skills than you. And don’t be afraid to reach out to professionals in other industries for advice and consultation. It may not be the most glamorous aspect of running the show, but it’s imperative all the same.

4. Delegate Accordingly.

Taking on too much work and too many responsibilities at once is one of the most damaging things a small business owner can do. So it’s important for your own sanity –– and the well-being of your company –– that you find trustworthy employees to take on some of your assignments. Figuring out how and when to delegate tasks is a big step toward creating a sound leadership strategy. Plus, letting your team members embrace new challenges is a fabulous way to let them grow and flourish in their professional life as well.

5. Multi-Task.

Easier said than done, but multitasking is one of the best attributes an entrepreneur can cultivate. The key with multi-tasking is to do so in moderation; don’t try and work on three or more things at once – you’ll feel overwhelmed for one, and your work will suffer as a result. Rather, an innovative way to multi-task is to combine work with your workout. Popping in a pair of headphones while you workout and catching up on voicemails, or listening to podcasts that keep you informed on business trends will allow you to work – without actually working!

6. Dream Big, Live Reasonably.

When it comes to marketing your small business, it’s great to have big ideas. Indeed, one of the great thrills of running your own company is the potential for growth, and the aspiration to reach new heights. However, never forget that you have to eat every day to survive. Craft a plan that details small steps toward a bigger goal. For instance: if you want to draw in more visitors to your site in the long term, you need to do the leg-work of writing keyword specific content to bolster your website’s domain authority. The good news is, whether you’re writing about serum separator tubes or energy-conserving light bulbs, you can always strive to better your website and the content you create.


It may sound cliche, but the best way to run a business is to take everything one day at a time. Don’t get overly discouraged if you fail to meet all your targets at once; instead, focus on a few things that can make a difference for your company every day, and try your best to accomplish them. Do that, and you’ll be on your way toward massive returns soon enough.


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