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How Sleep Technology Is Transforming The Way We Sleep


Technology has revolutionized our daily lives. We see the impact in the way we work, play and communicate with each other. However, technology is altering the third of our lives when we’re resting, as well.

Let’s take a closer look at how sleep technology is transforming the way we sleep.

CPAP Machines.

The traditional solution to snoring was to live with it; many tried to cope with ear plugs or sleeping in separate bedrooms. This isn’t good enough, since obstruction of one’s breathing at night will prevent the snorer from getting a good night’s sleep at best and cause erosion of one’s mental faculties over the long run. This has led to the development of CPAP machines, which were recently covered on digitizd.com. CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure, and the machine generates that pressure so that the person’s breathing isn’t interrupted.

Newer designs are minimal compared to the models available just a few years ago. For more information, a good resource is the Digitizd review CPAP machines section. This will give you information on models that aren’t as bulky, easier to clean or cost less.

Smart Alarms.

We’re now seeing smart alarms that track the user’s usage of them before adapting to what works best with the user. They collect information on response times and user behavior, learning whether you respond best to music that slowly grows louder or five beeps at full volume as well as the time intervals to use to best get you up and out of bed instead of hitting the snooze button five times.

The Evolution of Lighting.

Consumers can now buy light bulbs that mimic natural lighting conditions. For example, the harsh white work light it puts out at 4 PM becomes a gentler, “warmer” hue in the evening that doesn’t stimulate the body to fight to stay awake.

Many of these lights can also dim and darken so that it lulls the user to sleep. This is certainly an improvement over lamps and nightlights that often throw our systems out of whack by projecting harsh light that interrupts with our natural hormone flow.

The New and Improved Bed.

Beds have come a long way from the standard coiled steel mattress or cotton stuffed shell. Memory foam beds became popular because they relieve stress on one’s joints, especially for side sleepers.

The downside is their heat retention. The solution has been cooling gels that are either infused in the mattress or encased on a layer of the mattress, preventing the overheating memory foam mattress owners are prone to. In the case of coil mattresses, we’re seeing changes like encapsulation of individual coils in cloth to minimize the transmission of movement and joined coil networks that respond to one’s weight.


Technology is altering everything from the beds we sleep on to the treatments for sleep disorders. And given the importance of sleep to our quality of life, we should expect to continue to see technological innovations that lead to better quality sleep.


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