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Career Paths That Have A Clear Future


If you’re just starting out in your career or you’re thinking of taking a new direction going forward, it’s definitely worth thinking about which jobs actually have a future right now. With automation and all the things that might bring in the years and decades ahead, you don’t want to be left on the scrap heap just because you chose the wrong career path. However, there are some careers that are likely to thrive, no matter what automation might do to the labour market.

Approach the task of a new career with confidence and positivity rather than dread. This is a big opportunity for you to find a way forward that’s both sustainable and enjoyable for you on a day to day basis. What more could you ask for than that from your career? It’s something that many people are already struggling to achieve today, so don’t become like them. Here are the career paths that actually have a future.

3D Printing.

3D printing is already taking off and changing how we produce goods and materials in many industries. It’s thought that everything from car parts to home appliances might one day be made partly or wholly of 3D printed materials. So if you want to get on board with this right now, you should learn more about how it works and where the early career openings can be found. It’s certainly possible for you to get started with all this, so see if it interests you.

Mechanical Engineering.

Any industry that involves machines and tech with lots of moving parts will hire a team of mechanical engineers. They’re the people who design the processes that make it possible to keep things moving smoothly and efficiently in industry. To do this job well and to succeed in this career, you must have a good understanding of components, their design and how they can work together and interact as part of a wider system. It’s all about finding solutions to problems and maximising efficiency.

Software Development.

One thing that we’re only going to need more of going forward is software. We use it for pretty much everything you can name these days, from accounting to managing government records. Every industry on earth uses software, even rural industry such as agriculture. There really is no escaping it right now, and that’s why you should definitely consider whether a career in software development could be the one for you. There are plenty of courses out there to help you with it, specially if you’re looking for software engineering jobs.

Wind and Solar Energy.

Hopefully, we won’t be reliant on old forms of energy generation for too much longer. And we’re now seeing a year on year increase in the use of wind and solar generated energy in homes, businesses and infrastructure. The way we use power needs to get greener and cleaner, and you could be at the cutting edge of making that a reality if you choose a career in green energy. It’s something that is not only well-paid and interesting, but it also does a genuinely good thing for the planet.

Branding Specialist.

Companies are struggling more than ever to make their brands clear and easy to understand for a mass market. This all comes down to the way in which the internet has leveled the playing field and made it possible for small businesses to challenge bigger ones. It’s why branding specialists are more sought after than ever before. If you know how to make a brand stand out, you will always be in demand, so that might be something for you to look into.

Data Science.

Data is something that we don’t even notice or think about, even though it’s absolutely everywhere these days. We can’t escape its use and online companies use data relating to customers all the time. There have to be people able to analyse and assess that data before it becomes useful though. James Cook University, among others, offers data science courses if this is something you’re interested in. It’s complex and in-depth, but it could be worth it for you.

Smart Building.

In the future, our homes will be connected in various ways and responsive to our needs. To put it simply, our homes will be smart. However, we’re not there yet, and that means people are needed to develop these technologies and bring them up to the standard needed before they can be implemented. You should do some research into it if you’re looking for a career that involves innovation and that kind of thing. There are lots of different careers within this niche too.

Augmented and Virtual Reality Development.

Augmented reality is already being used in some retail situations because it allows people to see what certain pieces of furniture or works of art would look in their home. This is something that people have always wanted to know, and now they can. Something might look good in the shop but it looks entirely different in the home. Virtual reality is making waves in gaming and filmmaking too, so these new technologies are certainly worth looking into if you’ve never considered them as career options before now.


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