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Avoiding Downtime With Reliable Equipment And Employees


If you operate a business that makes regular shipments across the country, you need to have a proper fleet of vehicles at your disposal. Big rig trucks and similar large vehicles need to be kept in the best shape possible and manned by the best people possible. As a business requiring a big rig to function properly, you need to make sure that you have a strong system in place.

The Best of Big Rigs.

Big rigs, or semi-trailer trucks, are best known for how large they are and how much space they can hold. They typically feature as much as 18-wheels and can be as long as 57 feet. For anyone who needs to ship things, a big rig isn’t just a good idea, it’s a must. A big rig should also be properly designed and in good shape. The diesel fuel-run engine for a big rig should be up-to-date and be properly functioning.

Ask any seasoned trucker around and one brand of big rig truck comes to mind for getting the job done right everytime: Peterbilt. This line of big rigs has a reputation for solid engineering and structural integrity with a price tag to match when bought brand new. Fortunately for up-and-coming transport companies, the availability of used Peterbilt trucks for sale is steady. This means finding a reliable rig at an affordable price is not out of the question.

There also should be as much structural integrity to the trailer portion of the big rig. There should be no space for anything to fall out. There should also be a proper security system in place, in order to prevent the theft of both the truck and the cargo inside.

Driver Quality.

Dependable drivers are a must for big rigs to function properly. No matter how efficient a vehicle is, it needs a quality driver behind the wheel. Make sure you hire a driver with a proven track record. They should be properly licensed and have a resumé with lots of experience. When you do a background check, you will find out about issues on their driving record such as DUIs or reckless driving charges. You should also have them provide you with references who you can call. Ask them about how they performed compared to their expectations.


The main reason why you need dependable vehicles and dependable drivers is that you can’t waste time. A stalled vehicle or incapable driver means that you might miss a crucial deadline. You need to make sure that everything and everyone in your fleet are able to work to your liking. You shouldn’t have any unreasonable demands. You might try consulting with other companies that work with big rigs. Ask them what kind of schedules they put in place for their drivers. You should also stay in touch with the places you’re shipping to. Make sure you know about each of their respective systems of delivery. It’s best to have a respectful relationship with all of the people you work with.


In order to determine how your drivers and trucks are performing, you need to keep track of quantitative data. Look at how each driver and truck is performing. For instance, if one driver is consistently behind schedule, you might need them to be cut from your fleet. Similarly, a truck that is regularly lagging should be repaired. You should also be sure to note any correlation between drivers and vehicles. You should be in regular communication with your drivers. You should also be in touch with a mechanic who specializes in big rigs and other sizable vehicles.

Despite all the innovations in technology over the last 50 years, the fundamentals of the trucking industry have remained relatively unchanged. That doesn’t mean the latest tech isn’t improving the business, but that at the heart of every company is a fleet of reliable big rigs and a solid roster of drivers to match. Ensure these two factors are there and a freight transportation outfit can’t be steered wrong.